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Some More Interesting Oculus Rift Development Kit Updates

April 14th, 2013 · 5 Comments · 3D / AR / VR / HMD


The team at Oculus has reported that they’ve managed to ship roughly 1850 development kits worldwide so far (out of which 500 internationally) with another ~2000 arriving at doorsteps around April 26th, but it could be a few days earlier or later depending on international customs. Of the upcoming ~2000 unit batch, ~500 will be shipped to Europe, ~500 will be for Asia/Oceania, and the rest will be to the Americas. These units will also be the first delivered via the new EU/Asia/Oceania fulfillment network, which should help reduce delivery times and costs. So it will take some time until all of the 10K+ units get shipped. Fortunately I’ve already got my unit, even though I’m based in Europe, the early backers with DIY kits like me apparently had priority. The Oculus Kickstarter t-shirts and posters are also ready and should be shipping worldwide starting next week (shipped separately from the dev kits).


Meanwhile iFixit have made a teardown of the Rift, so if you are interested in finding out what is inside the Rift you might want to take a look at their complete Teardown of the Oculus Rift. This can save you the need of having to disassemble your unit if you are curious or if you plan to mod something on your Rift and are not sure if your modification will be possible, or if it will fit in.

And here is another teardown of the Rift, this time on video, made by Michael Moffitt. On his website you can find something else that might be of interest for Oculus Rift owners, an Oculus Rift USB power hack that would allow you to run the Rift off USB power only without the need of the extra power adapter, making the Rift more portable and having to use less cables. Be warned that you may face issues with this mode on some USB ports if you have other peripheral devices connected that tend to draw more power.

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  • 1 jpnn80 // Apr 15, 2013 at 21:39

    Meanwhile Mirror’s edge gets the OR treatment http://kotaku.com/get-your-barf-bags-its-mirrors-edge-in-oculus-rift-v-472979971?utm_campaign=Socialflow_Kotaku_Facebook&utm_source=Kotaku_Facebook&utm_medium=Socialflow

  • 2 Bloody // Apr 16, 2013 at 11:22

    This is actually not new, the Vireio Perception driver supports it for a while with a few other games. I’ve tried Mirror’s Edge and am not too impressed with it, though the game definitely has the potential. Dear Esther is another game that works quite well with the Rift using the Vireio driver, but since these games do not feature native support the headtracking is mapped to the mouse and that can cause some problems.

  • 3 eqzitara // Apr 17, 2013 at 00:31

    Im curious why this guy is playing with broken shadows in every video and leaves 2D crosshair in the videos. Everyone is ranting and raving in comments and I just want to shake them.

    That kind of sucks that you think Mirrors Edge wasn’t impressive. Thats basically the game I was gonna use to test 3d vision experience vs occulus rift. I actually redid my helixmod patch for mirrors edge like 3 weeks ago.

  • 4 Bloody // Apr 17, 2013 at 16:47

    The problem with Mirror’s Edge is that the HUD and controls are not specifically optimized to be played on the Rift, if the game has been designed especially for it it would’ve been really great. The visuals are very good, aside from the fact that you may have trouble getting around with hints for example. It is fun to play, but harder with the Rift than on a normal display. So the overall experience is like you are very impressed at first, but quickly find it is not that easy to be played with the Rift and may get a bit discouraged.

  • 5 eqzitara // Apr 18, 2013 at 02:44

    Thank you for clarifiying. It might be cool since I played it twice but probably not for some1’s first time. That and can always make a hud toggle.

    So hard to make a game work right on the rift. Alot of people are excited about games on the rift but alot of them seem like poor implementations. I talked about it on nvidia forums but Hawken makes you turn off hud, Strike Suit Zero just uses 3d hud and everything else is 2D.

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