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Tiger Cam, a Kickstarter Project for a 3D Microscope

November 13th, 2012 · No Comments · General 3D News

Tiger Cam might not be as revolutionary and as interesting as the Oculus Rift for everyone, but it is still something to take a look at if you are interested in all things stereoscopic 3D. Tiger Cam is a stereo 3D microscope using two 720p CMOS camera sensors to provide you with a seriously zoomed up view (roughly 100 times zoom on a 30-inch TV) of the object you are looking at with the device. Lately the USB digital microscope products are becoming widely available and very affordable, so why not have a nifty gadget like that being able to output stereo 3D image and not just 2D? This is pretty much the idea behind the Tiger Cam, though currently the impression that the device leaves is that it is intended to be used more like a fun toy by kids.

It is interesting to note that the Tiger Cam 3D microscope is designed to use its own pair of universal active 3D shutter glasses that can be used with pretty much any TV set (no need to have a 3D HDTV), including even older CRT TVs. This means that the you’ll be getting half of the TV’s framerate per eye, which should be enough as you will not be having much of a movement when using a microscope anyway, that is if this works out well enough. I’d love to see an HDMI 1.4 version or a USB version that is also capable of recording the 3D images on a PC easily as this may help in moving the product further away of the “toy”-type of product to something that might be interesting for grownups as well. If you like the idea and want to support the Kickstarter project for the Tiger Cam 3D microscope you are welcome to do so, with a $99 USD pledge you can get one of the first Tiger Cams to hit the market maybe sometime in may next year if the project fulfills the set goal of $160K USD which is still far off.

For more information about the Tiger Cam 3D microscope project at Kickstarter…

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