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x3D-Player is a Another Free Stereoscopic 3D Video Player

July 25th, 2012 · 5 Comments · General 3D News

One thing that we are kind of still missing in the world of stereoscopic 3D video is a really powerful and feature rich, yet fast and simple to be used stereoscopic 3D video player available for free similar to Media Player Classic for 2D video for example. The closest thing currently available is the Stereoscopic Player by Peter Wimmer, however it is a commercial product and it still lacks some useful features that we are used to having in most 2D video players such as the MPC. So it is always a good thing to see more stereoscopic 3D video players as in reality there aren’t that many. So here comes the x3D-Player, a simple and free solution, that while still lacking even some basic features looks like a promising thing to watch as it develops.

The x3D-Player is being developed by Cristea Aurel Ionut from Romania and so far things look good, though the player does not yet support all of the most popular stereoscopic 3D input and output formats. Currently you can use the x3D-Player to open 2D clips or 3D videos in either Side by Side or Over/Under format and you can output them in anaglyph 3D format (Blue/Yellow, Red/Cyan or Green/Megenta), show only the left or right frame (2D mode) or output them in Side by Side or Over/Under format (real-time conversion from the input). You can also open real-time video capture devices, although this may not work with 3D input sources. But you have a

What is still missing for example is the ability to resize in real-time the video window of the player, or when switching to full screen to not show the taskbar (unless it is set to auto-hide). There is a timeline that you can use for navigation, but it does not auto-hide in fullscreen mode and you cannot yet control the volume level, there also isn’t a right-click menu for switching the output format etc. when in full screen mode and lots more. So in general there is a lot of work to be done in order to make the player a serious stereoscopic 3D video playback solution, but it is always to have more alternatives and hopefully the development of the player will continue further.

Download the x3D-Player here as the developer’s website currently has some issues…

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  • 1 gscale // Jul 26, 2012 at 08:44

    Nice one, it looks promising but the video is too laggy for the moment. The last version of Bino works pretty well, you should try it too!

  • 2 Blacky // Aug 28, 2012 at 18:58

    A forum was open for this player at his website, there you can post any bugs found/improvements ideas.

  • 3 Blacky // Nov 14, 2012 at 19:27

    12/11/2012 – x3D-Player 1.5 Released

    -added subtitle rendering support

    -added support for HARDWARE video acceleration

    -added support for bitstreaming audio

    -added support for selecting audio device

    -added support for up mixing/down mixing audio

    -full screen video controls

    -many UI enhancements

    -many bugs fixed

    -playback improvements

    Download: http://surodev.com/downloads/x3D-Player1.5.zip

  • 4 Juno // Mar 4, 2013 at 22:37

    20/02/2013 – x3D-Player 1.5.6 Released

    -added support for capture devices
    -fixed some GUI bugs
    -added popup menu to the main/fullscreen window
    -fixed red/cyan mode bug
    -added language support
    -added basic DVD support
    -fixed DXVA2 bug
    -reduced decoders size
    -reorganized preferences UI
    -added drag and drop support
    -fixed bug on displaying video while in pause mode

  • 5 jj99 // Jun 1, 2014 at 20:53

    Don’t download this “thing”! Its bloatware. Installs 3-4 other programs then resets your chrome settings and changes the start up page. Will be not surprised to have virus too… Better get the bino player.

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