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A Scary Stereoscopic 3D Experience with Dark Escape 3D

July 22nd, 2012 · No Comments · Stereo 3D Games

Namco Bandai Games has something interesting to offer those of you that like things popping out at them all the time when playing games in stereoscopic 3D mode, the arcade cabinet video game called Dark Escape 3D will offer just that and more. Currently only available in Japan, but hopefully soon also released in other regions as well, the arcade cabinet video game Dark Escape 3D offers gamers a scary 3D experience in the form of survival shooting game where monsters literally jump out at you from a 3D display, you’ll be wearing a pair of glasses of course.

The game’s developers have gone even further from just offering stereoscopic 3D experience by adding some extras to make it even more realistic and scary for the players, especially the ones that get scared easily. The entire game Dark Escape 3D is enclosed in a cabinet to block external noise and light better and offer the best 3D experience, along with a surround audio with scary sounds coming from all around you, the seats shake at specific times to further increase the effect and there are some special air blowers that can give you the extra scare with a cold breeze on your face where you least expect it.

Since the game is designed to be played by two persons there is an extra feature available, a heartbeat sensor built into the handles of the gun you use to shoot the monsters, making the competition more interesting. As after you finish a level you get the level of scare that each of the players reached while playing (higher increase in the heartbeat). The Dark Escape 3D arcade cabinet shooter game definitely looks like a good attraction to try and have fun for a bit with, but I suspect that you may quickly get bored by it. So maybe good to play it for a bit and enjoy the out of the screen 3D effects for a while, but i is not something that you’d want to have at home and play all the time, or would you?

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