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The 3D Hype Bubble is Completely Busted and That is a Good Thing

July 17th, 2012 · 8 Comments · Other S3D Tech

The talk about whether stereoscopic 3D gaming is dead or will die soon continues, I’ve already shared some thoughts on that topic, however there is another interesting article by Neil Shneider from MTBS, published on Gamasutra, that you might want to check out. Neil also does an overview on what and how things are developing lately in regards not only to Nintendo, but stereoscopic 3D gaming and 3D in general, the most important thing however is the conclusion he makes. The fact that the 3D hype bubble is now completely busted as some media is claiming is actually not a bad thing according to him, and I can say that I agree as well, especially considering that too much hype can make things go the wrong way and we’ve seen that happen with 3D in some aspects already.

Bursting the 3D hype bubble is actually not a bad thing, because now people interested in stereoscopic 3D gaming and 3D content in general should be able to get a more clear view without too much hype surrounding it. And most of all the focus will not be the hype surrounding it and everyone thinking that all things 3D are great and deserve the attention and your hard earned money. With everything stereoscopic 3D things follow the same principle as with everything else – something new and trendy gets a lot of hype, but that does not make it good for sure, or bad for that matter. And when you remove the all the hype surrounding it, things become clearer and easy to judge, is it good or is it bad. Not to mention the fact that when 3D is not surrounded by too much hype, the companies and individuals interested in making a quick profit, exploiting the 3D hype should also disappear or at least become a lot less. Now, it is a completely different thing if other big companies that are producing good stereoscopic 3D content and products get scared by the lack of hype surrounding 3D and leave that market, this can indeed be a bad thing, but this is not even close to happening as we can clearly see. So stereoscopic 3D is here to stay, it will not be gone overnight as some people may think, and the users interested into stereoscopic 3D gaming are just getting more and more.

More about why it is actually a good thing that 3D hype is starting to wear off…

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  • 1 Skaven252 // Jul 17, 2012 at 19:11

    I’m looking forward to John Carmack’s 3D VR goggle kit. That will probably trigger another small wave of 3D enthusiasm.

    Whereas people don’t care that much about 3D movies, desktop PC gaming will probably remain a solid fan base for stereoscopic entertainment.

  • 2 Merigoldsass // Jul 18, 2012 at 07:40

    i used to think “3D” was bullshit. then i took a chance and bought nvidia 3d vision. then 3d pc gaming and 3d blu rays changed my mind forever, in a good way. my first holy shit moment with 3d was a part in batman arkham asylum where ivy’s hand literally stuck out towards me as if I could touch it. many or my friends used to talk shit about 3d, and guess what they are now proud owners of 3dtvs, go figure. probably due to the jaw dropping reaction people get when they view a 3d game on my monitor.

  • 3 jk // Jul 18, 2012 at 07:59

    @Merigoldsass – yeah, that’s how it usually goes. It’s really hard to take 3D seriously when pretty much every giant movie studio is shoving gimmicky “shit flying at your face” 3D kids movies. When people are exposed to tastefully done immersive 3D, their tune changes instantly. A bummer that 3d is so poorly representative that many people won’t ever get that experience.

  • 4 Merigoldsass // Jul 18, 2012 at 09:49

    @jk – it truly is absurd that movie theaters charge a few dollars extra for a 3d movie. in my opinion, i think the 3d in movie theaters is absolute shit compared to the 3d effect in a 3d pc game or 3d bluray. avatar was first 3d theater movie i saw. i recently saw my second 3d movie that used RealD 3D, it was the new spiderman movie and the there was about 3 scenes that had a hint of 3d pop out, other than that it looked like a regular movie.

  • 5 Merigoldsass // Jul 18, 2012 at 09:54

    @jk- just thought I would also add that streaming 3d videos in youtube using html5 side by side view look significantly better than the 3d in movie theaters. the fact that a free streaming website looks better than an expensive movie truly pisses me off.

  • 6 TOrsten Hoffmann // Jul 18, 2012 at 16:32

    Good point. I wrote about this ‘hype cycle’ a year ago – a very common phenomenon in technology adaption.


  • 7 RealSpace // Jul 19, 2012 at 00:56

    yes, great points. Hype can be a problem for people like me who need to buy the products for work and don’t want to pay for the hype of a product.

  • 8 HCForde // Jul 19, 2012 at 05:43

    All new technology gets hype. Expectations are a part of the opposite side of hype. If expectations do not meet the hype, then problems arise. No matter what the new tech is there will always be HYPE. The developers have to recoup the cost to continue the R&D of their dream. I have posted the this blog’s forum for years and finally got to the point where I thought the current level of hype and my expectations could reasonably coexist and I bought a 3D capable projector rather than a monitor.

    Unfortunately we also live in a world of immediate gratification and people that have no business getting the technology jump on board and have a lot to say negative about it not being perfect. These are not true early adopters, they do nothing to promote the new tech.

    I also believe that 3D has been promoted as the main course rather than a value added function. That is difficult to do when you want to reach critical mass though. The question remains though will the people that want to make a profit in 3D listen to the cry to reduce the HYPE? I do not think so. right now they are fighting for market share so when it becomes mainstream they will have a profitable portion of the market.

    My MBA concentrations were marketing and advertising. The Hype will continue.

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