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The Nvidia Forums Are Still Not Available, Finally We Know Why

July 13th, 2012 · 1 Comment · General 3D News

If you have some sort of Nvidia-based hardware or use a device that has some of their technologies inside you probably visit the official Nvidia forums from time to time and you may have noticed that lately they were not available for a while with Nvidia saying that they are under maintenance. A day or two maintenance is usually normal if they are upgrading software or resolving some serious software issue, but the maintenance has continued for multiple days with no additional information what is going on and why there is such a delay. Finally Nvidia has revealed the reason behind the the so long maintenance of the forums and why they are still not available – apparently they were hacked and somebody has gained unauthorized access to the usernames and passwords along with other profile information. Furthermore this attack has apparently also affected other communities like the Nvidia Developer Zone, as well as the Nvidia Research which is also down for maintenance…

NVIDIA suspended operations of the NVIDIA Forums (forums.nvidia.com) last week.

We did this in response to suspicious activity and immediately began an investigation. We apologize that our continuing investigation is taking this long. Know that we are working around the clock to ensure that secure operations can be restored.

Our investigation has identified that unauthorized third parties gained access to some user information, including:

email address
hashed passwords with random salt value
public-facing “About Me” profile information

NVIDIA did not store any passwords in clear text. “About Me” optional profiles could include a user’s title, age, birthdate, gender, location, interests, email and website URL – all of which was already publicly accessible.

NVIDIA is continuing to investigate this matter and is working to restore the Forums as soon as possible. We are employing additional security measures to minimize the impact of future attacks.

All user passwords for our Forums will be reset when the system comes back online. At that time, an email with a temporary password, along with instructions on how to change it, will be sent to the user’s registered email address.

As a precautionary measure, we strongly recommend that you change any identical passwords that you may be using elsewhere.

NVIDIA does not request sensitive information by email. Do not provide personal, financial or sensitive information (including new passwords) in response to any email purporting to be sent by an NVIDIA employee or representative.

As a word of caution, if you use the same username and password for the Nvidia forums in any other place, like for example the 3D Vision Blog Forum here or the MTBS3D forums it is strongly advised to also change the password in these places just to be on the safe side. Furthermore, it is very important if your e-mail account that you used to register in the Nvidia forums uses the same password you’ve used for the forums account to immediately change the password of the email! Now, considering the cause of this issue Nvidia should have revealed that information when the problem was first discovered and their forums were taken offline for maintenance and not so late, hopefully no harm has been done to users using the same login data on other sites or even their email.

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  • 1 D-Man11 // Jul 14, 2012 at 11:12

    A half hour after sending another user a private message, I went back to the forums to respond to his reply. I immediately was infected with a virus as soon as the page displayed. Luckily I have several anti-virus softwares installed that quickly caught it. Afterent 10 minutes cleaning up the traces of it, I revisited the forums. I was looking for an e-mail to notify Nvidia but saw that another user had already notified them. They had already disabled the virus within minutes of his post. The forums remained up for the rest of the day but went down sometime in the next day or two. I wish I would have wrote down the details of the virus, there may be a few users without anti-virus software that are infected. Most needent worry, the virus was only up for a short while to my knowledge.

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