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Uploading 3D Videos to YouTube Easier, but Not Entirely Problem Free

July 4th, 2012 · 3 Comments · 3D Movies & Videos

We know that Google has been trying to improve and most of all make more user friendly the upload of 3D videos to YouTube for a while already and while they manage to do quite well in that, they seem to miss some really basic stuff that can result in the 3D video not being displayed properly. It is quite nice and easy to just select from a drop-down box that “This video is already 3D”when uploading a 3D video to YouTube from the Advanced Settings tab under 3D Video (just avoid using the “Please make this video 3D” option as this will use 2D to 3D conversion in order to convert a normal 2D video into a stereoscopic 3D one simulating the feeling of depth).

Then from the second drop-down box right below the first one you choose “Side by side: Left video on the left side” or another type of arrangement form the available ones either Side by Side or Top to Bottom with the correct frame order for left/right eye and when the video uploads you expect that everything will work fine. That however may not happen exactly like you thought it would, as for example if the video you uploaded was 1080p in resolution with full frames for both left and right eye (total resolution of 3840×1080) then the result you’d see in the player may not be the one you would want to see. If you uploaded a 3840×1080 resolution 3D video in Side by Side format, going trough the simple drop-down configuration of the type of the video may not be enough as YouTube will still not show it with the correct aspect ratio and you’d need to fix that in order not to have black bars at the top and bottom of the player…

And here I though that adding extra tags for 3D video uploads is something that we’ve left in the past, but no, you may still need to add the good old yt3d tag to make things work properly and the good news is that it actually still works. In the above real world example I’ve had to add “yt3d:aspect=16:9” (no need to use the quotes) in order to get the 3D video displayed with the correct aspect ratio in the player, again this aspect ratio fix is intended for when uploading 3D video clips in Side by Side format with 3840×1080 resolution in YouTube. Lower resolution 3D videos and/or clips with horizontally or vertically squashed frames for the left and right eye may not need the extra tag to be displayed correctly, but if you are having trouble with them you may try adding the tag as well.

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  • 1 Eincrou // Jul 5, 2012 at 00:11

    Because I upload S3D content to Youtube, I have done a lot of testing of their systems. Full side-by-side videos should not be uploaded to Youtube unless the uploader is unable convert it to half-SBS with editing or transcoding software.

    YouTube ALMOST supports FSBS S3D through it’s 4K resolution video support, but a bug causes the 4K quality option (called “Original”) to disappear a short time after the video is set to 3D. The 3D Flash Player shows the Original quality option for only a few minutes. The quality is incredibly crisp and clear when it works, but this bug prevents its use.

    Another problem is that only the original resolution video is the proper resolution. YouTube’s 4K system assumes that your video is 16:9 AR, and so it constrains the video to these sizes when it creates the smaller 1080p, 720p, 480p, etc., versions.

    This means that the so-called ‘1080p’ version is actually 1920×540, which is 1/4 the resolution of the 1080p FSBS original. 1920×1080 HSBS only decreases the image resolution by 1/2. This same conversion error affects every resolution below 1080p, as well.

    If Youtube could update their system to know that an uploaded video is full-SBS or full-over/under, it could generate the lower resolution videos at 2560×720, 1708×480, etc. (or the equivalent resolution for FOU such as 1280x 1440).

    In the meantime, 3D content uploaders should stick with uploading videos converted to one of the half formats.

  • 2 Xabi Gonzales // Jul 10, 2012 at 09:26

    Eincrou I agree about the resolution issue, funnily enough I was having trouble uploading 2560x1440p content so it’d show up as original when just today I decided to flick the 3d button to see if it’d help… well what’d you know it made my video have the original option show up finally. A huge issue youtube need to fix all I do is turn it off once I’ve seen the original button show up and my vids keep the original option without 3d maybe you could turn it on again to see if it stays permanently (no idea)

  • 3 Zloth // Jul 18, 2012 at 05:58

    Or you could just upload it to 3D Vision Live. It worked pretty well for me when I tried it: http://www.3dvisionlive.com/ugc/17583/alice-battle

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