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More About the Upcoming Star Trek and it Being 3D Vision Ready

June 17th, 2012 · 6 Comments · Stereo 3D Games

Back in April there was some interesting information that the upcoming Star Trek game in the form of a third-person shooter will be 3D Vision Ready and now there is some more information that you might find interesting. The good news is that the game has been planned with stereoscopic 3D support from the start, so it should really be a really nice, it is a shame that we’ll have wait until 2013 for the game to come out…

“We’ve partnered with NVIDIA using their 3D Vision technology to bring the entire world to life in 3D, and more importantly the game has been made to be 3D from day one. The team sat there at Digital Extremes going, ‘how do we create a game with 3D in mind, so that the 3D is adding to the experience, bringing fans into the world of Star Trek?’ We sat down with the NVIDIA team and Digital Extremes development team and said, ‘what can we do to add 3D in, not just to say w’ve done it in 3D?’, but the matter of the fact is that we want to be able to enhance the experience, so when consumers play the game they feel much further and deeper into the Star Trek universe.”

On top of being 3D Vision Ready, the upcoming Star Trek game will also support DirectX 11, will be using tessellation and have support for more realistic physics relying on Nvidia’s PhysX technology. Things look promising, but lets us wait and see what we’ll be the thing you get when the game finally comes out…

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  • 1 Harrowing Life // Jun 19, 2012 at 04:32

    I love the following comment on the video
    “nVIDIA 3D Vision or 3DTV Play is completely crap. You can either run´╗┐ the game in 1920×1080@24fps (laggy as hell) or in 1280×720@60 (not that laggy bug crappy graphic quality).”
    Posted by an3k 4 days ago

    What is with people… Granted HDMI1.4 does this but us PC users have Dual-DVI :D

  • 2 artox // Jun 19, 2012 at 11:15

    Well this is entirely Nvidia’s fault. Most gamers nowadays prefer playing on their big screen hdtvs or projectors in 3d instead of a 24″ or 27″ (best case scenario) 3d monitor. For current gen 3dtvs hdmi 1.4a is limiting to the specs covered by 3dtvplay, but this doesn’t mean that Nvidia can’t and shouldn’t offer SBS in 1080p@60hz per eye, which is what every normal person playing with 3dtplay ask for from a very long time. Instead they end up not listening to the community and not offering features, already available with iz3d and Tridef. I fully support the comment above, neglecting your consumers is not the way to go and Nvidia should know better.

  • 3 Harrowing Life // Jun 19, 2012 at 18:38

    Artox, surely HDMI1.4a would offer 1080p@60Hz to both eyes if the bandwidth wasn’t a limitation. Are you referring to Half-SBS modes? Please correct me if I’m wrong here, I just heard that the reason 1080p on HDMI1.4a was 24Hz per eye was because of bandwidth limitations.

  • 4 josh // Jun 19, 2012 at 18:52

    I guess this might be a good opportunity to ask. Why do 3D HDTVs not have DVI-D? I would buy a 3dtv instantly if this existed.

  • 5 Harrowing Life // Jun 19, 2012 at 23:29

    I agree that 3DTV’s should have Dual-DVI (And maybe that new video method thats coming out, not DisplayPort, I’ve forgotten what its called but it could handle 4K @ 120Hz from what I read)

    To my understanding 1920x1080p@60Hz is the limit, meaning 30FPS per eye, then you add in overheads to the transport stream HDMI cables use and a few other issues which then ends up at 24FPS per eye. Other output methods like Checkboard lower the resolution of the image like. Think of the Half-SBS stuff we download like videos from YouTube, where we manually set the Output Ratio to 16:9. Yes its better than 720p to our eyes, but its still not full 1080p. I’m in full agreement that nVidia should open 3D Vision up giving us the same features we had in the past, including OpenGL so we can play games like Doom.

    I’m not sure if many people remember the old 3D Drivers with nVidia. Every output method back then was supported, no device restrictions! I used Interleaved with this drive with a $15 pair of Shutter Glasses on the CRT. (I found Interleaved had less Ghosting, hence using it with the resolution loss, my point here is I could chose the Output Method)

    @Bloddy it would be great to see you write a article on the old S3D nVidia drivers and how much we’ve lost with the new 3D Vision :)

  • 6 artox // Jun 20, 2012 at 16:35

    Yeah, the old drivers were great, but back then Nvidia offered support only on the software side. Now they want to sell their 3dvision emitters and glasses, and have deals with various monitor manufacturers, so they simply have no interest in supporting more modes, which won’t be used on their hardware. This is not a random decision, they are doing this simply because the income from the 3dtvplay software cannot compare to the income from their own glasses and sold monitors from partner companies. To put it simply, unless someone comes up with a modified driver, or Nvidia management is changed we are not seeing SBS.
    BTW, I think you are referring to Thunderbold port, but this is tech pushed by Apple, so I’m not sure if HDTV manufacturers will go for it, besides, newer hdmi chips can handle 4k or 1080p@60 in 3d. Integrating new connectivity options is cumbersome, since it involves all market participants, bare in mind that even Apple put a hdmi port in its newest iteration of Macbooks.

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