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LG Passive 3D HDTV Colorbug Investigation and Fix in Stereo 3D Mode

February 24th, 2012 · 1 Comment · Other S3D Tech

Here is something interesting and useful for the owners of LG Cinema 3D HDTVs that are using them in stereo 3D mode together with their computers, a solution to getting rid of the annoying colorbug that the passive 3D TV sets from LG suffer from. You can thank our reader Shii who took the time to investigate the issue and find a solution for getting rid of it and especially for the detailed information and instructions, together with the modified INF driver that you can use.

Colorbug exists when PC sends to LG TV HDMI signal. Disabling extension block in EDID eliminates colorbug and PC sends DVI signal without extra HDMI information. The bad guy here – LG TV, not Nvidia. LG TV incorrectly receives HDMI signal in all input modes even in PC mode. When PC input enabled LG TV must disable all image enhancers but it doesn’t do this. The result – slightly blurred image. When we got one line of pixels, the lines over and under glows too and this causes colorbug. Glasses filters source line but don’t filter over and under lines!

Have in mind that the side effect from using this solution for getting rid of the colorbug issue on LG Cinema 3D TVs is that you will loose the audio over HDMI, so you will need to have it routed in another way to the speakers. So do not wonder where has your audio gone after installing the provided EDID override driver. And as a side effect using this solution will give you the ability to use Nvidia’s interleaved 3D Vision mode instead of the HDMI 1.4 frame packaged output with your LG 3D HDTV. The good thing about that is that instead of being limited to 1080p 24Hz 3D mode as you are when using the frame packaged method for 3D content transmission you would be able to play in 1080p 60Hz 3D mode when using the row interleaved mode. So if you are gaming on your 3D-capable passive LG 3D HDTV, then you will find this guide very useful…

You can read the detailed instructions for fixing the LG 3D colorbug here in the forum…

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  • 1 Sukwon // Feb 24, 2012 at 11:15

    Could anyone explain once more the detailed step of “LG settings trick”..? English is not my native language so I’m having hard time understanding that avsforum post.

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