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A Second DVB-3DTV Delivery System Has Been Approved

October 22nd, 2011 · 2 Comments · General 3D News

The DVB Steering Board has announced the approval of the Commercial Requirements for a second DVB 3DTV delivery system. Termed “Service Compatible”, the second system is a solution required by content deliverers that enables the 2D and 3D versions of a programme to be broadcast within the same video signal, so that new 3D televisions and next-generation STBs can receive high 3D programmes, while consumers with existing 2D HDTV receivers and set-top boxes can watch a high-quality 2D version. This 2D picture will probably be either the left or right frame of the 3D “stereo pair”.

Earlier this year, in February, the DVB Steering Board has approved the specification for a first phase DVB 3DTV delivery system (Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB); Frame Compatible Plano-Stereoscopic 3DTV (DVB-3DTV) BlueBook). This system was developed for broadcasters and content deliverers needing a system that works with the already existing HDTV receivers, provided they are used together with a compatible 3D display. This approach, termed “Frame Compatible”, is now a principal system in use for DVB 3DTV delivery throughout the world when talking about 3D TV channels. However the level of quality provided by this “compatibility” solution for 3D TV channels could be further improved using a new standard and new hardware providing better image quality and higher resolution.

For convenience, this second approach is termed DVB-3DTV “Phase 2a”. The Commercial Requirements should shortly be available as a “BlueBook” on the DVB website for everyone interested in more details. The DVB Technical Module has been asked to complete the preparation of the specification for Phase 2a before the end of summer 2012. Phase 2a will provide additional opportunities for 3DTV services, complementing the first specification, which is referred to now for convenience as 3DTV Phase 1. The DVB is also taking into account the requirements of content deliverers wanting to continue the use of a Phase 1 signal, but wish to provide additional information to improve the image quality for those with “new” receivers. This may result is a Phase 2b specification in due time.

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