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Patch Adding Support for 3D Vision in Deus Ex: Human Revolution

October 20th, 2011 · 8 Comments · Stereo 3D Games

The latest patch for the game Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Build 643) is apparently what every stereo 3D gamer was waiting for as it not only improved support for 3D on AMD HD3D-based solutions, but also adds support for 3D Vision and 3D Vision Surround setups. Apparently the in-game stereo 3D controls have also been improved allowing you to get more convincing results and not to have the game looking “flat” when playing in stereo 3D mode.

Release notes for the patch:

* A fix for some players that get stuck on an infinity loading screen in Detroit.
* Fixes for some issues that caused crashes for players using specific firewall or proxy software.
* Additional improvements to counter stuttering in the game.
* Support for Eyefinity in combination with 3D when using interleaved stereoscopic monitors.
* Support for additional brands of stereoscopic interleaved monitors when using AMD graphics hardware.
* Support for Nvidia 3DVision.
* Support for Nvidia Surround, also in combination with 3DVision.
* Improved control over the stereo-3D display in the game.
– The allowed range for the stereo 3D Strength setting has been increased.
– A Stereo 3D Plane setting was added to provide additional control over the 3D effect.
* Various performance improvements.
* Fix for ‘moire’ issues seen on billboards in DX11 mode.
* Some changes to try to counter specific driver issues causing crashes in DX11 mode.

The patch should autodownload the next time you rung the game or it might have already installed, so if you try Deus Ex: Human Revolution with the new patch, then feel welcome to share your feedback about the improvements in stereo 3D support in the comments below…

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8 responses so far ↓

  • 1 Rajko Stojadinovic // Oct 20, 2011 at 16:21

    the 3d is still flat…
    merged left+right views:
    only the GUI has any change when i “align” the 2 images

  • 2 Shivoa // Oct 20, 2011 at 18:09

    I just pulled the trigger on the game and only loaded it up to make sure it was working correctly so this is all start of game pre-GUI (and in Dx11):

    The world is depth+ (so the world only projects into the screen and cannot project out of the screen) and the in-game sliders don’t do much at all. 3DVision shortcuts are broken (depth/seperation ones seem to ‘glitch’ the in-game implementation while convergence does nothing at all – I seem to remember I’ve seen another DX11 engine which disabled the convergence shortcuts entirely).

    In-game convergence slider adjusts the scene from making the entire world start slightly into the screen to making it start at the screen surface.
    In-game depth slider does very little to change the depth (you can have little or very little depth – ideal for people just starting out but will make it feel flat to those who have been using 3D for a while and so can cope with high separation).
    The changes do apply ‘live’ (no need to reload anything) but are deep in a menu system and so take a few seconds to change rather than the overlays of 3DVision that provide instant feedback.
    Both in-game options lacking range combine together to leave a rather flat world and there was a significant performance drop on my machine (i5-2500K/GTX470/1080p) that indicates the game is GPU bound for me so 3D halves the effective framerate. Unless someone can hack in a larger range of controls (or nVidia update their drivers to allow their shortcuts to overwrite the values the game passes) then I expect I will play the game in 2D.

    It is also worth pointing out that the game uses FMV for story progression which uses in-game assets but recorded into movies (with different lighting / animation, which seems to be why they didn’t stay in-engine) and so these are all in 2D (while not looking significantly more visually striking than the in-game visuals).

  • 3 josh // Oct 20, 2011 at 19:51

    i tried the game with 3d vision, the only thing that looked “3d” was when you zoom in the sights on the guns.

  • 4 SealedSun // Oct 20, 2011 at 20:24

    Unimpressed. Its all really really flat, even with the slider on maximum depth, and a lot of light sources only show up for one eye. On the plus side, the UI is really well done, popping out from the screen.

    Other than that it is a pure performance hog. Despite displaying 30-34 fps, I get a lag of 0.3-0.5 seconds on my GTX 470 (=unplayable). I can play Mafia 2 and the Witcher 2 just fine. Won’t be coming back to DX:HR for this kind of experience. Try again, Eidos/Square Enix.

  • 5 josh // Oct 20, 2011 at 22:13

    @sealedsun , i agree the 3d vision effect is barely noticeable in Deus Ex HR, probably due to Eidos teaming up with ATI with this game. at least the game itself is amazing. to me adam jensen is like the Geralt of the future.

  • 6 DancingSamurai // Oct 22, 2011 at 07:49

    Yeah it is a bit flat… but the light sources don’t look right and give me a headache, and I haven’t been able to find an option that fixes/disables this.

    Running 2xGTX 580s in SLI with a triple monitor setup, get 30-40 FPS and still seems laggy in 3D Vision.

    The HUD fix for Surround is nice (now renders on the centre monitor) and looks great in 3D.

    Has anyone tried the util released by the guy who made the ATI to Nvidia wrapper? Apparently that can change the depth a LOT but I’m not sure if it still works with this patch.

  • 7 broken // Nov 27, 2011 at 18:21

    left and right eyes are inverted, no way to correct this unless wearing the glasses backwards. and this is called 3d ready? wtf

  • 8 Bo3b // Jan 24, 2012 at 16:15

    Seems to be fixed now. Started playing this recently (Steam), and the 3D seems really compelling to me. Doesn’t look flat, and lines on the floor diverge as seen from left/right images.

    Here are some 3dvisionlive images that seem right to me.


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