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The Game Deus Ex: Human Revolution And It’s Stereo 3D Support

August 27th, 2011 · 16 Comments · Stereo 3D Games

The game Deus Ex: Human Revolution is an exclusive AMD HD3D technology title, meaning that the developers from Eidos-Montreal have partnered with AMD in order to make native stereoscopic 3D output mode compatible with the HD3D technology along with some other extra features. The game also supports AMD’s Eyefinity multi-monitor technology and is also a DirectX 11 title, although DX11 support is not exclusive for AMD-based hardware, but also works with Nvidia-based video cards. Now, what native stereoscopic 3D support means is that the game engine itself renders the slightly different left and right views that are used to create the illusion of depth in the virtual game world. Or with other words in order to have stereo 3D support in Deus Ex: Human Revolution on compatible AMD hardware you don’t need to use middle-ware such as the iZ3D Driver or the TriDef 3D software as you’d normally do in order to get a game work in stereo 3D mode with an ATI/AMD-based video card. The native stereoscopic 3D support sends the two views directly to the video driver using the quad-buffer support offered by the AMD HD3D technology, an example of what you can do by using the recently released AMD Quad-Buffer SDK.

So far, so good, however what about everyone that is using the more popular and more available alternative called 3D Vision by Nvidia? Well, they are pretty much screwed since there is no official support for stereoscopic 3D output for 3D Vision and the game does not render that well if you manage to make it work using the 3D Vision software to “convert” it in stereo 3D mode. But since the 3D Vision driver can also work in a similar way like the AMD’s HD3D quad-buffer works, it would’ve been very hard to also implement official stereo 3D output for 3D Vision. After all the game engine apparently already renders everything in proper stereo 3D mode, so it only needs to send the images to the 3D Vision for displaying on the screen. And since Nvidia apparently did not partner with the developers we get no such support, so the stereo 3D support in game becomes not so appealing feature as a lot of people already having 3D Vision are not able to take advantage of it. Or even worse, they get the game expecting it to work with 3D Vision as it is being advertised and they get disappointed, of course not reading carefully enough before pre-ordering or purchasing the game is their own fault, but still. And if you take a look at the official game forum you can notice a lot of people asking about 3D Vision support… So was the move to make the game limited to supporting only AMD’s HD3D technology while at the same time developing a native stereoscopic 3D rendering game engine? Financially probably yes during the development process, however considering the fact that the game supports stereo 3D only for PC it is a strange decision, or maybe the stereoscopic 3D support was never intended to be one of the main features of the game. However the constantly increasing number of 3D-ready PC gamers have made the stereoscopic 3D support a big topic of discussion, and that goes not only for the unhappy 3D Vision users…

A lot of gamers using ATI/AMD-based video cards and relying on middle-ware solutions such as the iZ3D Driver or the TriDef 3D software also are complaining of trouble making the game work in stereo 3D mode. And a lot of people using these solutions have ATI/AMD-based hardware, but use it with different kinds of 3D display solutions that are not supported by the use of AMD HD3D technology getting the direct S3D output from the game engine. So the situation with these users is pretty much the same as with people with 3D Vision, they don’t get that great stereoscopic 3D output as instead of getting the perfect S3D output from the game engine, they need the middle-ware solution to create the stereoscopic 3D output for them. So as a result even more people with stereo 3D solutions are left out, just because they are not AMD HD3D ready, although they may have the perfectly capable ATI/AMD-based video cards. Makes you wonder if the game developer ever think about the gamers that will be using this stereo 3D features or they think they can just say they’ve made something fancy to boost their sales. Stereoscopic 3D support for gaming on the PC is still far from perfect, there are multiple solutions available and no industry wide support present, so that you can easily make a game supporting stereoscopic 3D output for all of the available 3D displays. But most developers that are making games promoted as stereo 3D capable do try to add support for at least most of the available solutions and to ensure that this stereoscopic 3D support looks good and works well with all of them, like in the game Avatar for example.

So what can you do if you are one of the gamers with a stereoscopic 3D capable computer, but are left out by the game’s native AMD HD3D only support? Well, you need to either play the game in 2D mode or do some things in order to make it somewhat playable in stereo 3D mode. You need to start by running the game in DirectX 9 and not DirectX 11 mode, so that you would be able to use your middle-ware stereo 3D solution (3D Vision, iZ3D or TriDef 3D) with better, but far from perfect results. Another thing that you should be aware of is the fact that by default the game has its convergence preset at a specific level and you are able to only adjust the depth level. This is something that a lot of the game developers making a stereoscopic 3D title tend to do in order to provide decent level of depth and minimal to no pop-out of the image. And while this has some advantages, especially for people new to stereo 3D gaming, the more advanced users and people that have already played for a while in stereoscopic 3D mode literally hate when this happens. The reason is that they want to be able to make the adjustment of the convergence as they wish as they can easily handle more pop-out and usually want to be able to make the game pop-out, so completely locking out convergence adjustment is indeed another not recommended thing. You can warn the users not to play with it if they don’t know what they are doing and provide an easy option to reset it to the default value for example, but not completely lock it out to a preset value that you may think is the best. Now, there may be some good news for owners of 3D Vision systems as Andrew Fear has reported in the Nvidia forums earlier this month that Nvidia is cooperating with Eidos to bring proper 3D Vision support, would’ve been nice to have that right from the start however. It won’t however hurt if you mention in the official Deus Ex: Human Revolution forums that you’d like to have proper stereoscopic 3D support added to the game, not only for 3D Vision, but also for iZ3D or TriDef 3D if you are using these. But remember, in order for your post to have effect you should not use rude tone or demanding something, just say you’d like to see that support in a future update, so that the game developer can see there is actually a big demand in proper stereo 3D support from the gaming community that plays in stereo 3D mode.

To visit the official Deus Ex: Human Revolution game forums…

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  • 1 r00t // Aug 27, 2011 at 22:05

    Thought about pre-ordering because of 3D-support but than decided to await the release as I am without the right monitor right now. However after reading a review about the game I felt somehow disappointed and now reading about their 3D-fail makes it even worse… Hope they’ll patch 3D-Vision, else there is no rational reason to pay 50 European bugs for it :(

  • 2 LoneThread // Aug 27, 2011 at 23:24

    Anyone who posts on the forum either has their post deleted or gets a rude reply.

    Like the following:
    Originally Posted by rastamanfromjama
    NVidia 3DVision Support would be nice!
    Considering this is an ATI/AMD supported game, I don’t see that happening.

    The dev’s were clearly insane, even if we ignore the 3D support, AMD/ATI don’t even have 1/4th of the Market Share. nVidia is the supreme winner in every case. Hell AMD don’t even have the market share in CPU’s. The sooner AMD dies, the better the technology world will be.

    Also I’ve read that you can do a registry key edit to get the 3D working, apparently the dev’s did actually implement other modes and the registry key controls it.

  • 3 chris wray // Aug 28, 2011 at 02:01

    i never buy dx9 multi platform games anymore there just developers slack ports dx11 all the way unless its star wars tor

  • 4 josh // Aug 28, 2011 at 02:33

    i went to the eidos forums and it seems to be filled with people who despise nvidia 3d vision for the strangest reasons. it is truly pathetic when people complain that 3d vision is a “gimmick” or it is “too expensive” and millions of other i-hate-3d-vision-for-stupid-reasons

  • 5 r00t // Aug 28, 2011 at 14:22

    Be glad that it is just a forum, I experienced it in reality :(
    Many people are somehow disturbed, just don’t know how else to say…. And the biggest joke is: None of them ever saw it in reality, but they think they’d know it’s shitty. Most of them think Nvidia GPU’s are worse for gaming than AMD’s. It’s a sad thing…

  • 6 Licaon_Kter // Aug 28, 2011 at 14:22

    heh, reversed “The Witcher 2 is 3D/wide only on nVidia” situation right? How does it feel?

    I actually think both are dumb, dumb marketing, dumb thinking to alienate the other side users and in the end they both lose, ’cause no one will just go and buy their cards just for *this* game of the moment, and more they’ll get some hate on top of that too. Way to go!

  • 7 LoneThread // Aug 28, 2011 at 17:02

    Apparently even those that have AMD HD3D are having troubles getting the 3D to work.

    AMD HD3D GPU = Yes
    AMD HD3D Supported Screen = Yes
    AMD HD3D Working in Deus Ex = No

    Back to the nVidia front, both nVidia and Eidos are saying its the responsibility of the other party to implement the 3D.
    In actual fact, 3D could be added in less than 20 minutes of coding time. All that needs adding is 3D Vision Output via the nVidia SDK (As the engine already renders Left/Right)

    And when you think, Eidos games have been some of the nVidia Showcase Games (I.e. the Screenshots that come with nVidia Drivers)

  • 8 josh // Aug 28, 2011 at 21:19

    to think that Batman Arkham Asylum was so incredibly displayed in 3d ,and i think Eidos was behind the game, you would think a game like Deus EX would properly support 3D out of the box. maybe gamestop opened the box and stole the 3d out if it, just kidding i still just hate them a little however at least they are giving me a $50 gift card.

  • 9 Helifax // Aug 28, 2011 at 22:00

    Hello all,

    Sorry for my absence on the forums and here on the blog. I’ve been quite busy with relocating to another country and you know this takes time, effort and money. So I want to “come-back” with a nice post I’ve made that tells you how to play
    Deus-Ex Human Revolution in DX 11 in 3D Vision (Surround).

    The guide/post is here:

    Hope you enjoy it!!!!

  • 10 Asgiov // Aug 29, 2011 at 06:56

    A bit disappointing there is no proper 3d-support for the game at the moment for 3d-vision…. the game is pretty good… hopefully they will have proper support soon…

  • 11 LoneThread // Aug 29, 2011 at 18:43

    Just to mention, the above mentioned fix from Helifax only works if you PIRATE THE GAME.

    The irony is brilliant :D

  • 12 Helifax // Aug 29, 2011 at 22:22

    Not really.. there is another workaround! But yes I tried it on an “unofficial” release 1st. I want to know what I buy;))

    More info on how to make your Steam version to work. Personally tried it:

  • 13 Licaon_Kter // Aug 30, 2011 at 00:10

    @Lone Thread: wrong, works on Steam as fine ( http://is.gd/k6zknc ), pay for a good game!

  • 14 LoneThread // Aug 30, 2011 at 19:27

    Does the new workaround 100% support Steamworks, etc.
    I’m very worried about Steam detecting any type of Crack. Its happened to me before and my entire Steam account got Suspended. (I used to try games before buying them due to lack of demo’s, now I just decide from forum posts and Metacritic LOL)

  • 15 Cliche // Aug 31, 2011 at 06:00

    Why couldn’t they have made it do stereoscopy, regardless of what hardware you have, like Crysis 2 did?

  • 16 Bo3b // Jan 24, 2012 at 16:09

    Started playing this recently, Steam version, and it looks like all the problems have been fixed. Looks terrific in 3D vision.

    In game controls for depth and visual plane work fine. Usually I play with convergence cranked up, and that is possible here as well, but is not quite as good as the usual 3D vision setup.

    Overall, definitely looks good to me.

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