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Bicycle Girls, a Polish Online Show in Stereoscopic 3D Format

August 25th, 2011 · 3 Comments · 3D Movies & Videos

Bicycle Girls is what is claimed to be the very first program in Poland to be realized using the stereoscopic 3D technology in the form of a thematic show packed with beautiful women and wonderful bikes. The series is being shot in cooperation with the creators of the popular photographic–lifestyle project: BicycleGirls.pl – Sawik and Szymon, who decided to capture with camera attractive women whose passion is riding a bicycle. The show uses the Polish platform OOGNET that is currently producing a total of 10 thematic shows (only this one is in 3D so far) and offers streaming live HD quality views from dozen cameras across Poland. It is thanks to this platform that the viewers to see the Bicycle Girls show online in either R&B 3D (anaglyph 3D with red-cyan glasses) or True 3D (Side by Side 3D for owners of 3D displays) mode. For viewers with neither of the two, the show is also available in a standard 2D version, but you will have to go for that one as a last resort, you will surely have at least a pair of anaglyph glasses lying around…

The Bicycle Girls 3D show is with Polish audio, and the website itself is also in the same language, but fortunately there are English subtitles embedded and it uses a pretty straightforward flash-based video player, so if you decide to take a look at it, you would be able to understand what they are talking about in the videos… not that there is that much of a talking. There are a few videos already available online and in time more episodes of the show should become available, so you can check from time to time to see new content if the topic is interesting for you and you like the show. So far Bicycle Girls’ Facebook profile has gathered over 8000 fans, so you can say that the project has a lot of people that like it already.

If you want to take a look at the Polish Bicycle Girls 3D videos already available online…

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  • 1 Nathan // Aug 26, 2011 at 00:31

    Is is just me or does that logo seem a bit off?

  • 2 Rhialto // Aug 26, 2011 at 02:50

    Is it supposed to work with 3DVision? I see both L/R vidéos.

    Same on 3dvisionlive… weird. I haven’t tested everything since I installed a clean Win7 after a motherboard upgrade. I installed Silverlight and switched the AERO desktop for a standard one.

    What else I forgot?

  • 3 Bloody // Aug 26, 2011 at 11:15

    The videos in that site are in anaglyph and Side by Side format, they use custom flash player that does not support 3D Vision (you’ll need to download the video). It is neither HTML5 or Silverlight based…

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