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A Bit About Tim Burton’s Upcoming B&W 3D Movie Frankenweenie

August 22nd, 2011 · No Comments · 3D Movies & Videos

We all know that Tim Burton usually makes a lot of interesting and original movies, some times a bit strange and far fetched, but that does not mean they are bad, just different. And apparently one of his upcoming movies called Frankenweenie that he is currently working on and scheduled for a release in 2012 will be one of these non-standard titles. The new Frankenweenie movie is based on a story that he has written and filmed under the same name back in 1984, but the remake he is preparing will be quite different, although the story will pretty much be the same. The new Frankenweenie movie will be in black and white like the original movie was, but it will also be a 3D movie and a stopmotion animation and not a live-action like the original was, and while all this sounds interesting, it could also a bit of a challenge to make.

Frankenweenie’s Storyline:

The young Victor Frankenstein, a young boy who enjoys making monster movies, brings back to life his dog Sparky when his pet is hit by a car. But when the bolt-necked reanimated dog that he created starts wreaking havoc and terror in the hearts of Victor’s neighbors, he has to convince them and his parents that despite his appearance, Sparky is still the good loyal friend that he’s always been…

But where is the real challenge in making this movie you may ask? Well, making a stop-motion animation requires you to shoot every scene frame by frame and it needs to be done with 3D equipment, so you need to do extra shots to get the right depth of everything on the scene. It is not clear if they are shooting in black and white 3D or in color 3D, but it makes more sense to shoot in color and then just process the footage in black and white later on. Making a black and white 3D movie however brings another serious challenge and that is the extra crosstalk you might be getting due to the highly contrasting scenes that B&W movies are more prone to. This means even more time in post-processing in order to minimize the crosstalk, so not to bother the audience with it and leave an unpleasant experience after watching the movie in 3D.

The biggest and most important question however is if this movie by Tim Burton in black and white and 3D will be able to drive the audience to the move theaters to see it. I mean it is a movie targeted mostly at younger audience and kids especially, the 3D here is Ok, but will they be interested in watching a black and white movie? There were probably concerns like that for the first movie as well which was not accepted very well by the younger audience, but the older one has liked it. We’ll have to wait and see when the new Frankenweenie is released on October 5th, 2012.

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