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The Image Mill 3D 2011 Edition, a Large Scale 3D Projection in Canada

July 26th, 2011 · 3 Comments · Stereo 3D Events

The Image Mill is an architectural projection in Quebec City produced and performed by Robert Lepage and Ex Machina and it pretty much represents the largest scale projection on building ever done. The project uses the grain silos of the Quebec Harbour in the form of an oversized screen that is 600 meters wide by 30 meters high, and that is rally a huge size for a projection screen that also requires quick a lot of technology behind in order to make things work as they should.

The Image Mill was created as part of the festivities surrounding the 400th anniversary of Quebec City. Following the success of the 2008 edition, the work has been extended for another five years. And this year the event is called Image Mill 3D 2011 Edition as the projection will be done in stereoscopic 3D format and the viewers will be given a pair of 3D glasses to enjoy the show. So if you happen to live in Quebec City, Canada or visit it until September 3rd you can go and have a look at the about 50 minute long show.

For more information about the project Image Mill 3D 2011 Edition…

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  • 1 inteljoc // Jul 27, 2011 at 02:42

    Yeah I’ve heard of this for this year. I live in Montréal then I think I have to see this. I didn’t even see the 2D version yet. Now that the “Moulin à images” is in 3D, I’ll do the 3 hours ride from Montréal to Québec to experience it.

    I only heard good comments about the 2D version from those who have seen it, so there’s no reason that I shouldn’t go. If I ever go there, I’ll tell you my impressions.

  • 2 Rhialto // Jul 27, 2011 at 05:31

    I live right there!

    It’s great but what’s most impressive is the lenght of the display. I mean the computer dealing with a screen 20 x larger than height and all the projectors perfectly aligned and in sync so everything looks fluid.

    For the 3D part, well, it’s anaglyph and had to be expected. There are some scene where we can easily perceive depth but I found annoying the fact the red lense is darker thus creating an unbalanced vision my brain was telling me. I don’t know how to explain.

  • 3 inteljoc // Jul 28, 2011 at 05:38

    Anaglyph … what a joke ! M’a y aller avec mes lunettes de la revue “7 jours” tant qu’à ça !!

    But still, I’ll go to make my own opinion. And it’s making one more activity to the agenda !

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