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Samsung’s New 3D LCD Monitors Will Not Be 3D Vision Compatible

April 27th, 2011 · 56 Comments · Other S3D Tech

It seems that the new Samsung 3D LCD monitors and 3D Monitors/HTVS from the series 750 and 950 will not be 3D Vision ready based on information coming from Nvidia, furthermore these will also not be supported with the 3DTV Play software as they are not generally considered as 3D HDTVs, but 3D monitors. So if you are wondering what middleware will these new SA/TA750 and SA/TA950 3D monitors from Samsung be using to make your PC games in stereo 3D mode, it will be DDD’s TriDef 3D software as it was announced earlier this month by DDD. Samsung has long been a DDD partner in regards to 3D technology, although they were the first on the market with a 120Hz 3D-capable LCD PC monitor for the launch of Nvidia’s 3D Vision technology. Why they’ve decided not to support 3D Vision anymore is not clear, but most likely because they want to sell more of their active shutter glasses and not use Nvidia’s.

Samsung’s 23-inch S23A750 and 27-inch S27A750 3D monitors will feature D-sub, HDMI 1.4 and Displayport connectivity, while the 23-inch S23A950 and the 27-inch S27A950 are the 3D monitors that will have D-sub, HDMI 1.4, Displayport and Dual-Link DVI connectivity. All of these models are with Full HD 1920×1080 resolution, 2 ms response time, 1000:1 contrast ratio and use TN panels with LED backlight.

Samsung’s 23-inch T23A750, 27-inch T27A750, 23-inch T23A950 and 27-inch T27A950 are the 3D monitor/HDTV combination that features HDMI 1.4 connectivity as well as Component and Composite video inputs, these of course do come with a TV tuner built in. All of these models are with Full HD 1920×1080 resolution, 5 ms response time, 1000:1 contrast ratio and use TN panels with LED backlight.

These new monitors will support PC gaming in stereo 3D through the TriDef 3D software and it should be equally compatible with both Nvidia and ATI/AMD-based GPUs (although DDD talks only about AMD and Intel 2nd Gen Core processors graphics), they should also work with 3D-capable consumer electronic devices such as the PS3 that output 3D according to the HDMI 1.4 3D specs. You also get 2D to 3D real-time conversion built-in for different input should you need and want to use that autoconversion function due to lack of stereo 3D content to watch.

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  • 1 BooM // Aug 4, 2011 at 06:19

    @Karl, if you were looking at 27″ then why not Acer Hn274h? its 3dvision ready. There’s 3dvision blog about too with hundreds of comments

  • 2 TryStar-Fr // Aug 14, 2011 at 03:54

    Well , screw that , from the LinusTechTips review i wanted it so much because of its processor of 2d to 3d rendering , but i would be in possesion of an nvidia 580 soon , so i guess ill wait for a better alternative.
    Thanks for the review!!

  • 3 CL // Jan 29, 2012 at 04:36

    S27A950D – 3D dont work with Nvidia GTX590 cards ran in SLi
    Even thow Samsung said it would !

  • 4 ScottK // Feb 27, 2012 at 00:53

    S27A950D – 2D to 3D conversion works wondferfully! Very impressed with the bang for buck. I am running a single Nvidia GTX570 with no problems. Any movie, pc game, etc. works great for the 3D conversion. It took a bit to figure out the settings to change between the Nvidia control panel and the monitor itself (as there is a lack of instructions/manual for the monitor).

  • 5 Eugene // Jul 16, 2012 at 16:40

    I had recently purchased a Samsung passive 3d tv and the software that comes with it (DDD Tridef) isn’t comparable to Nvidia’s 3d software. For starters the tridef 3d software needs you to run every 3d application from its launcher (Ignition) which isn’t compatible with a lot of programs such as games, DX11 games suffering the most. It seems to struggle with a lot of games that have their own little game launchers or DRM software such as steam or Blacklight Retribution’s game launcher. It also does not support Blu-ray 3d media as of yet which is a major downfall of this software.

    TL;DR: DDD Tridef is not yet as developed as Nvidia’s 3D software and will cause many headaches for gamers in particular. You have been warned.

  • 6 Elrick // Jan 30, 2013 at 13:28

    I bought this precious about 4 weeks ago. Ive been into 3d gaming since E-Dimensional. I believe they were the first guys to use the shutter concept. Then nVidia started using their idea or baught it, dont know. But since nVidia specialises in GPUs and not screens they had to go into partnership with some company which makes screens. One of the most important factors in 3d screens is the refresh rate. The higher this the less strain on the eyes. I used to play games at 80 hertz with a CTR monitor untill nVidia stopped supporting E-Dimensional with drivers. So I put my my toys away and waited for this monitor for atleast 6years. When I saw this monitor at the store and saw the 120hz I knew this is what I was waiting for!!! I did some research before I bought it because I was concerned about its compatibility with my nVidia graphics card. (I use a gtx260 OC but upgrading to a gtx 680 4gb soon! Yaaah! lol) nVidia went rebel against Samsung. It doesnt support this monitor at all, I believe. 3d Vision, nVidia’s 3d software, doesnt support these glasses! Only their own which they produce. Its a bit expensive and you need a monitor which they support. Its all about the glasses.

    At first I was dissapointed and VERY pissed at nVidia, after I baught the monitor. Since a lot of retailers said this setup should work fine for 3d gaming. (I’ve always been an nVidia fan and will always be! Also big fan of Samsung! Just wish nVidia would go back to making GPUs and support their customers. If they want to stop support they should produce their own 3d screen!! Theyre acting like a baby who doesnt wants his friends to play with his toys hahaha) The glasses are much more effective I hear cos this uses blue tooth and not infra red like nVidia. The screen has a 2d to 3d function which really sucks if youre more familiar to 3d gaming. nVidia’s software has an anaglaph mode (red and blue glasses) which works quite good BUT heavy strain on the eyes. After you play for a while and take it off you will notice youre eyes’s sight is affected when you look through youre eyes individually. Really an excuse for 3d which only make you crave the real stuff. After I read through a lot of forums, nVidia, MTBS and Tridef ddd I got this working with Tridef 3d (Syncmaster 3d game launcher). All my hope and excitement were restored and doubled!! hehe I started with Skyrim, using the power 3d function, which works awesome. But the depth isnt guite as good as with power 3d off. Then you have a custom- and outofocus which you could use when power 3d is off. This is the same settings as with nVidia’s convergence settings. In my opinion this is way better than nVidia’s!! Dont know how Tridef did it!!? First thing I noticed is that the shader s*** I had with 3d vision in the landscape were gone which makes the game playable! But there are still some problems when you go under water and you cant see youre destination indicators and healthbar and so forth which is a bit irritating. Tridef 3d works with directX. And for some reason it uses nVidia’s hardware very effectively. Think this is a slap in the face for nVidia! hahaha After playing skyrim I tried CODBO with power3d on. Really not that bad! Some ppl mentioned turning on 3d in nVidia’s control pannel but you should tick “hide 3d effects on launch” to get some boost from 3d vision. Dont really know if this works but I think so. Ive never really like blackops but since I saw it in true 3d I was hooked instantly!! Its almost like being inlove! lol Unfortunately without power 3d there are a lot of 3d objects wrongly placed in depth. But very few games doesnt have any trouble. I thought I would start with some older games and work my way up to the latest releases. Playin Half Life 2 was the greatest experience so far! A bit old but it was the most fun!! It really rocked!! Almost no problems. And the fun could be multiplied X7. Theres just no way I would ever be able to go back to 2d gaming! If a game doesnt support true 3d, Im not interested. Some other games I tried were MassEffect2. Working supperb! ModernWarfare3 also excellent! GTA san andreas. Just a problem with rendering of mirrors. Avatar. But you should use their options and not tridef’s to get maximum performance. Crysis1. Absolutely awesome!!! But my card can only push it at medium so I will wait for my gtx680 before touching this one =D.

    The thing about one screen being split into two isnt as bad as people claim. One thing to look past. Just some jagged edges. Something anti anialising might sort out a bit later..

    So yeah this screen is defintely worth it when youre looking for ultimate 3d gaming experince!!

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