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iZ3D Finally Made Available Two New Beta 1.13 Driver Releases

April 18th, 2011 · 8 Comments · General 3D News

It seems that iZ3D was very active behind the scenes working on their new beta drivers and that is the reason why they did not have any publicly released driver updates for quite a while. The company has released two different beta 1.13 drivers, one is a normal beta with new features such as a new user interface and improvements, intended for most users, and the other one is an experimental beta for more advanced users willing to try the new universal shutter mode.

iZ3D Driver version 1.13 beta 1.12.5123:

Added features:
1. A completely new User Interface in Control Center
2. Added a compatibility key in Config file that increases compatibility with some anticheat software (GameGuard for instance)
3. Added stereoscopic presets for all supported games
4. New Output: AMD HD3D (An output for 3D TV’s that enhances 3D identification process and has special settings for 3D TV’s)
5. Added 2 new output modes for Stereo Mirror output
6. Scaling is now automatically activated for outputs that may require it
7. Added driver activation button
8. Added UM presenter for DirectX 10 (120 Hz Devices output)
9. Added Norton AniVirus to driver’s exceptions
10. All default exceptions are now visible in Control Center Exceptions Sections
11. iZ3D Screenshots that were taken in Mono are now saved in .jpg format
12. Added new lasersight
13. Updated User Guide
As can be seen in point 2, we have created a special mode for iZ3D driver that may help overcome anticheat software problems. This key was developed based on cooperation with protection software developers, but is still experimental, so the only way to activate this mode is to go to Config.xml and change Code: to Code:

1. Re-written interaction with DX10 games on Nvidia GPU (fixes various DX10 compatibility issues
2. Fixed problems for DX10/11 with Dual Monitor outputs (iZ3D, Stereo Mirror, Side-by-Side and such)
3. Fixed bug when AMD users sometimes couldn’t get free 3D DLP output
4. Systems with dual GPU detection of videodriver for DX10/11 is now work properly
5. Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit – fixed problem where shadow from objects were covering huge areas
6. Fixed Aion Crash bug on Vista and Vista x64 OS
7. Fixed DX10/11 interface for Battlefield Bad Company 2
8. Fixed DX9 interfaces for: Civilization V, Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X. 2, Crysis 2, Monday Night Combat, King Arthur, Darkspore, LEGO Star Wars 3: Clone Wars, Back to the Future Ep1 & Ep2, Need for Speed Shift 2, Assassins Creed Brotherhood, Ghostbusters Sanctum of Slime, Sanctum.

iZ3D Driver version 1.13 Experimental beta 1.12.5145:
This is the 1.13 beta with experimental universal support of shutter / page flipping 3D for Nvidia / AMD + Vista / Win 7 + 32 / 64 bit. It is intended to offer universal support for 3D on different combination of 3D displays using shutter glasses and no matter what video card you are using. iZ3D plans to release bundle of this version and 3D shutter glasses (Bit Cauldron?) which will be compatible with any or most 120Hz desktop monitors, 120Hz projectors, 120Hz TVs. Technically speaking this driver can support any VSync frequency, but for this particular beta release is has been limited to support only 100, 110 and 120Hz. Have in mind that this experimental beta is for advanced users willing to test the new functionality and report bugs, so that it can be further improved. The normal 1.13 beta is a better choice for people willing just to use the driver for playing games.

Testing instructions:
1. You need shutter glasses – Xpand, Blick, nVidia ….
2. You need to run them to make them flipping. This is most complicated part… Actually I’m afraid you need two PCs for test. For example, you may run 3d projector on one PC and use 3D DLP signal from it to activate Xpand glasses or you can run nVidia 3D Vision glasses on one PC. You can also use 3D TV similar way as projector.
3. Run this version on another PC connected to 120Hz monitor and use glasses from p.2 to observe 3d.
Of course simplest way to test is 3d 120Hz projector, but not every person here has it. Also you may try 3D laptop, all-in-one or monitor with embedded emitter.
And finally you need to select “iZ3D shutter” output for all these tests – trial as usual 30 days
This output will only work if game is in fullscreen mode, and only if resolution is set to it’s maximum.

Known issues:
1. Performance on Nvidia GPU is slightly worse than on ATI
2. Scaling feature causes crashes (disabled)
3. iZ3D Wizard and FPS meter are displayed only in one eye on several DX10/11 games
4. Eye Swap causes freeze of right image.

To download the standard iZ3D Driver version 1.13 beta 1.12.5123
To download the experimental iZ3D Driver version 1.13 beta 1.12.5145

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8 responses so far ↓

  • 1 artox // Apr 18, 2011 at 11:34

    Can’t wait to get off from work to test the beta. Hopefully there is also a performance increase and other fixes as well. Guess other opinions from people, who can test earlier than tonight are also welcome :)

  • 2 steve // Apr 18, 2011 at 12:34

    I would LOVE to see some universal emitter come out :) I dont have 2 nvidia pcs to test this driver out though, but i wish them all the very best with it as it would be great to be free of nvidias corporate approach to development!

  • 3 Bloody // Apr 18, 2011 at 15:50

    I was also quite eager to test it, so I’ve tired the normal beta on my Intel HD Graphics-based work laptop, but it had some problems with the video driver, so I had to uninstall it through Safe Mode…

    I’m wondering if the experimental beta will work with HMD devices in stereo 3D mode… my eMagin Z800 is still collecting dust ;)

  • 4 3d4dd // Apr 24, 2011 at 11:01

    I’ve found a way to test the driver with Nvidia 3D vision glasses with only one PC.
    1. Ensure that 3DVision and iZ3D use the same
    VSync frequency (3DVision: mark settings for the test picture to be used for every game; iZ3D: iZ3D shutter / force … Hz). I’ve got the best results using 100 Hz.
    2. Ensure that the desktop resolution is the same as the resolution of the game You want to test. Also set desktop frequency to same value You use for 3DVision and iZ3D.
    3. Activate 3DVision in the Nvidia control panel, disable the iZ3D driver.
    4. Start IE (in my case IE 8), open a picture on http://photos.3dvisionlive.com and activate the 3DVision version. Now the IR emitter turns on and even keeps active when You minimize IE.
    5. Deactivate 3DVision in the Nvidia control panel, enable the iZ3D driver with the iZ3D shutter output.The IR emitter should still be active.
    6. Now start the game You want to test in fullscreen mode. When it runs iZ3D should provide the pictures while the IR emitter activates the 3DVision glasses. If the IR emitter turns off when starting the game either the desktop resolution or the frequencies are different. Or this solution unfortunately doesn’t work on Your PC…
    7. Sometimes I had problems with the IR emitter and the pictures provided by iZ3D getting out of sync. So the pictures for the eyes were swaped from time to time. Then use Ctrl+F8 to swap L & R again. Using 100 Hz I had the fewest problems.
    Using this combination I finally was able to run Virtual Skipper 5 that didn’t work with 3DVision. There also had been many other problems with water reflections in other games that I can circumvent using iZ3D . Also the autofocus and convergence presets provide more comfort compared to the 3DVision drivers.
    But because of the synchronisation problems I hesitate to buy the license for iZ3D . I hope that the final version will solve this problems. There is also a Microsoft.Net Framework error message when I start the driver. But when I ignore this messagethe driver still works.

  • 5 Craig // Apr 25, 2011 at 10:38

    Wow! 1.13 works like a charm, and that new interface looks awesome! Great job iZ3D crew!

  • 6 Adrian // May 10, 2011 at 12:10

    Hi, I have projector Acer X110 3D 120Hz and Acer DLP 3D shutter glass and nvidia GT 240 512 Mb. Stereoscopic player works only (page flip) on 3D mode. iZ3D works only ( iZ3D shutter- Force 120 Hz) Dinamic test and static test are ok, but not in any games ! I dont see 3D ! Test mode works again out of games ! Please help me !

  • 7 andy // Oct 6, 2011 at 17:03

    I do not have acces to an nvidia or another shutter glass, so I’d like to know if i can play anagliyph 3D with GTA San Andreas, If I can, HOW???

  • 8 Tama Z // Jul 21, 2012 at 13:40

    Does IZ3D work with Crysis 2

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