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Panasonic and XPAND 3D Pushing a New Standard for 3D Glasses

March 29th, 2011 · 2 Comments · General 3D News

Panasonic and XPAND 3D announced that they have formulated M-3DI, a new standard for 3D active-shutter eyewear products that is supposed to bring compatibility among 3D TVs, computers, home projectors and cinema projection. Currently the M-3DI standard uses infrared communication technology, but radio communications is to be considered for the next step of the evolution of the standard, if there turns out to be such. Licensing of the M-3DI technology is expected to begin next month, providing a communication protocol between 3D active-shutter eyewear products and 3D-capable hardware by interested parties. Panasonic is among the top consumer electronic companies that are pushing 3D technology and XPAND 3D is a manufacturer of 3D equipment, so the combination sounds good, but how well will the new standard turn out is still yet to be seen…

Among the other companies that have agreed to participate in supporting the new standard are: Changhong Electric, FUNAI Electric, Hisense Electric, Hitachi Consumer Electronics, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Seiko Epson Corporation, SIM2 Multimedia S.p.A. and ViewSonic Corporation. Notice that no other big CE brands that are pushing 3D technology such as Sony, Samsung, LG and others are present in this list and that can be a serious problem for the wide adoption of the M-3DI standard and fulfilling the actual goal of the project. Without an active role and cooperation of all top manufacturers of 3D-capable hardware and that includes all major 3D HDTV makers there is no chance of getting one universal standard for the glasses and that will mean that we are still going to have compatibility trouble with different 3D devices. I’ll keep tracking the development of the M-3DI standard although I’m quite skeptical about its wide enough adoption at this point.

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  • 1 Rhialto // Mar 30, 2011 at 15:14

    Full PR: http://bit.ly/hBn1fq

  • 2 Nick 3DvB // Mar 30, 2011 at 21:18

    Long live DLPlink! ; )

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