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Playing the Game Dead Space 2 in Stereo 3D Mode with 3D Vision

February 5th, 2011 · 21 Comments · Stereo 3D Games

I should start with the fact that the game Dead Space 2 does not yet have an official 3D Vision profile and it has some annoying issues with the default settings if you try to play it in stereo 3D mode with 3D Vision. It is an UE3-based game and thus has the typical trouble with halos around the character due to the use of FogVolumes and unfortunately there is no option for the user to disable these. Apparently Nvidia has some way of forcing this to be disabled or using some sort of a workaround through their 3D Vision profiles, so renaming the game executable to “prototypef.exe” (without the quotes) for example can kind of deal with this issue, however not perfectly enough in the case of Dead Space as there are some blinking artifacts visible from time to time (different in each eye or just in one of the views – left/right). But even with that the game is much more playable then with the halo around your character…

Shadows and lights are also troublesome, as they are being rendered in 2D. With shadows you can deal easily by disabling them – set Shadow Quality to off in the in-game menu, however with lights the situation is more problematic. The workaround you can get for the lights is to stay at the lowest possible depth level and use my custom convergence settings to get some depth with the lights not being displaced. The custom convergence settings you will find below are going to work only if you have renamed the default “deadspace2.exe” executable file of the game to “prototypef.exe”. Have in mind that you should not try to play the game Prototype during that time, as with these custom settings it might no work that well.

Other things that I’ve noticed, for example there is a frame limiter of 30 fps in place, so you can safely assume that Dead Space 2 is most likely not so good console port for the PC gamers. The games has a lot of dark scenes and that also makes it hard to distinguish details in stereo 3D mode when using 3D Vision due to the reduced brightness because of the use of shutter glasses in S3D mode. So in the end it might be better to just play the game in plain 3D mode than to try to deal up with the issues in stereo 3D mode. Maybe if Nvidia releases an official profile for the game, some of the issues it has could be resolved, but that is not certain and it may take some time. Of course you are welcome you use the advice above to try and play the game in stereo 3D mode and if you do so, then you can also share your experience below… and also if you’ve discovered some other useful tips for better experience.

Download the custom convergence settings for the game Dead Space 2 (32/64-bit)…

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  • 1 LoneThread // Feb 5, 2011 at 20:26

    Why are shadows a issue in almost every game now?
    The only games I’ve played that have no issues with shadows in S3D are Oblivion, Fallout3/NV, Metro 2033 and Just Cause 2

    Water is another issue that constantly comes up in games.

    @Bloddy maybe you would be able to explain why these two issues are constantly coming up in S3D?

  • 2 nutty // Feb 6, 2011 at 00:36

    i tried dead space 2 in stereo 3d with my aw2310 monitor and seemed to work decently. however due to the 3d vision glasses naturally making things darker, dead space 2 an already dark game with lots of blacks seemed to appear a little more dark. i compared dead space 2 from ps3 to the pc versions and the pc version looks significantly better, they seem to have done a good job with this game. i recommend to play it in regualr 3d mode.

  • 3 mihabolil // Feb 6, 2011 at 04:21

    Many older racing games (FlatOut2, NFS ProStreet/Carbon) lookin Very Good, with no shadow issues. Old shooter like Far Cry – allmost excellent even compared to Crysis.
    Many todays games Dirt 2, NFS world, AvP suck a lot.
    Just wrong choice of engine and crappy codded games IMO (when talkin about S3D)
    Nevertheless, DS2 (that i’ve already finished) is a game that’s worth playing even in plain 3D – Reccomendet!

  • 4 franco // Feb 6, 2011 at 07:02

    What you guys mean by plain, regular 3D mode????

    Bloody, finally you’ve reviewed this amazing game in 3D. I’m also renaming the deadspace2.exe with another .exe to get rid of the fog annoying volume issue. I’m renaming as ofdr, but it seems that prototypef is the same thing, cause both cause a flickering issue with some artifacts and shadows, but still way better than fog volume issue.

    This game is definatelly not 3D Ready and has issues, but it’s very very playable in 3D, a true showcase in my opinion. Its ten times better to play a game like DS2 in 3D rather than Black Ops or RE5 which are 3D ready titles. The atmosphere that DS2 provides is just perfect for 3D. It’s a pitty the devs didn’t see that way not preparing this amazing title for 3D.
    Convergence plays a big role in this game like no other I’ve played so far, maybe Just Cause 2. I’m using 60% depth, and I think it’s easy to get used to the flickering issues cause by the ofdr.exe profile, cause the game enviroment is creepy and lights are always blinking.

    Today I’ve tried Dead Space 2 for the first time with 3DTV Play and I loved, but I wasn’t able to make DS2 work in 1920×1080 24hz, just 1280×720 60hz??? Have you been able to make Dead Space 2 work in 3D at 1920×1080 24hz???
    For some reason the game doesn’t support 24hz mode, just 59, 60 and 75hz.
    Even when I choose 1920×1080 24hz in the Nvidia Control Panel and TV goes into 3D mode, if I start DS2 the game will play at 1920×1080 60hz, so it will be displayed in 2D, cause 3D at that resolution only works in 24hz with 3DTV Play software.

    I have even tried to choose other resolutions and then come back to 1920×1080 60hz, but no matter what I do there’s no way to activate 3D in this game at 1920×1080, at least I didn’t figure out how??? If you try to play DS2 in 3D at 1920×1080 the infamous red message will be displayed in the bottom of my TV: 1920×1080 60hz is not a HDMI 1.4 resolution……

    I really wish I could play DS2 in 3D 1920×1080, cause it already looked awesome in 720p, but 1080p is the way to go in the big screen. I even think DS2 might be playable at 24fps, cause it’s a slow game, not fast scene actions title, so I would like to give it a try. The 3D quality in a big plasma screen is unbeatable, it overcomes my Alienware 23″ by a long shot in 3D quality, colours and brightness.

    Please, let me know if someone figures out how to enable 1920×1080 24hz for Dead Space 2????

    I wish Nvidia give us back checkerboard mode for 3DTV Play 1920×1080 60hz, better than 1280x720p 60hz frame packing.

  • 5 fish99 // Feb 6, 2011 at 07:17

    Just on the brightness, the game has one of those ‘adjust the slider until you can just see the image’ type deals. As long as you use that once you’re in 3D mode and wearing your glasses, the brightness will be as was intended by the developers.

  • 6 dsk1210 // Feb 6, 2011 at 12:21

    Bloody to run the game at 60fps, take vsync of the game in the ingame menu, then go to nvidia control panel and lock vsync from there. 60 fps same problem dead space had, also gets rid of input lag.


  • 7 Mathew Orman // Feb 6, 2011 at 17:12

    There is no such things custom convergence since the convergence should be st according to screen size.

    Mathew Orman

  • 8 Bloody // Feb 6, 2011 at 21:03

    Custom as in user generated and not provided in a profile as default settings. They are meant for 22″-24″ 3D monitors as this is the mainstream display size that most 3D Vision users have and use.

  • 9 Mathew Orman // Feb 6, 2011 at 21:09

    That is useful then but it does not contain the inter-axial setting which defines the game world scale.

    Mathew Orman

  • 10 jacob pederson // Feb 6, 2011 at 22:10

    The lighting depth issue makes this completely unplayable in 3d. I don’t consider setting the depth so low that the 3d effect is barely noticeable to be an acceptable work-around. I normally play with depth maxed on a 60 inch screen.

    I can confirm the frame-rate fix mentioned above. Disabling v-sync will boost me to 60 fps, even with sli-disabled, and v-sync can still be forced in the control panel to lock frame-rate at 60.


    The reason shadows are so often an issue is due to the fact that they are rendered in a different “pass,” and are thus displayed as a 2-d overlay to the current frame. Other effect layers have similar problems, In Halo 1 the entire projectile system is a separate layer, and appears as a 2d overlay.

    Does anybody know a way to get anti-aliasing to work? I’ve tried various ways of forcing it in the control panel and turning it on in the in-game menu to no avail so far. Dang I MISS NHancer.

  • 11 jacob pederson // Feb 6, 2011 at 22:18

    Answered my own question. Although it’s no Nhancer, Nvidia inspector can get you access to those compatibility flags for anti-aliasing.


  • 12 dsk1210 // Feb 7, 2011 at 00:52

    Jacob remember to set shadows to meduim when using heavy aa, other wise dynamic shadows dissapear. i still have dynamic shadows with 8xx supersampling.


  • 13 franco // Feb 7, 2011 at 02:31

    DS2 is very playable if you use ofdr.exe or prototypef.exe profiles renaming deadspace2.exe. Those that are saying it’s unplaybale are to picky or don’t know how to adjust convergence+depth. I’m playing with 60% depth and convergence level where Issac body’s is poping out the screen. It looks amazing, the creepy atmosphere is perfect for 3D. The only complaint are the flickering issues with artifacts and some shadows, but it’s easy to get used to. Turn off shadows, and it will be a true 3D showcase, DS2 is far away from unplayable.

    I agree, if you play as deadspace2.exe, you get ton of issues and fog halo volume, and must play with minimum depth like this, that’s why you must rename the executable like Bloody said.

    Bloody, have you tested this game with 3DTV Play? Were you able to enable 1920×1080 24hz or just 1280×720 60hz? I can’t enable 24hz refresh for DS2, I’ve tried a lot and didn’t suceed.

  • 14 iSoLateD1 // Feb 7, 2011 at 04:45

    Force off vsync in games options, runs 60 fps+ and no input lag.

  • 15 Bruno // Feb 8, 2011 at 16:51

    Play it with TriDef drivers and u’ll get 1920×1080 @ 60hz

  • 16 Steve // Feb 9, 2011 at 21:58

    I tried the recommended settings for this game in S3D and was met with anything but a Showpiece game. It is pretty bad in 3D.

  • 17 Gh0stID // Feb 10, 2011 at 19:55


    Think you could gimme a little bit more information about those “TRi Def drivers” ?

    i have a ASUS ROG G73 laptop, 3d vision ready ( using it already for blackops ) and my Sony KDL55HX800 3dTV

    i just cant figure how to run my games on 1920×1080 @60hz im forced to use 24hz and that mode is simply unavailable in DS2 ??

    thank you.

  • 18 3D player // Feb 19, 2011 at 00:38

    what exactly does renaming the file to prototypef.exe does? How does renaming the file changes the way the game handles 3D?

  • 19 Adam // Mar 1, 2011 at 13:39

    I played Dead Space in Stereo 3D and , all the issues aside, it was a pretty good experience. However, my experience so far with Dead Space2 is that it is an uncomfortable one to play in stereo.

    There is a diorama feel to the entire game in Stereo, which makes eye convergance focusing hard. I turned the 3D off after a while.

    However, DS2 is a very good looking game and is calling out for a proper profile. I just wish devs would sort themselves out to support 3D rigs now that the consoles are heading that way also.

  • 20 thirdbase // Apr 25, 2011 at 09:14

    playing with the prototypef.exe profile was enjoyable besides some artifacts. Thanks for that pro tip.

  • 21 Defected // Jan 12, 2013 at 20:11

    I just played Dead space:2 in 3D vision:2 and it was mind blowing ! I used the ‘helixmod’ and was able to crank up all settings and conversion to 80% depth 90% . Best 3D experience ever !!

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