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3D LCD Monitors Getting HDMI 1.4(a) Support, But is it All That Good?

November 7th, 2010 · 10 Comments · Other S3D Tech

We already know that the new wave of 3D-capable LCD monitors will get support for HDMI 1.4(a) as all currently available monitors that have HDMI input only use 1.3 version of the specification and that does not allow them to receive 3D content other than through the Dual-Link DVI. So getting new 3D LCD monitors available with HDMI 1.4(a) support sounds like a good thing as it will allow you to also connect consumer devices with 3D-capabilities that do use this industrial standard. However I’m getting a bad feeling about this, as some manufacturers might decide to go only for HDMI 1.4(a) and ditch the support for DVI at all, and that will not be a good thing at all…

Maybe the frame sequential mode that we are currently using to get Full HD resolution with 120Hz over the Dual-Link DVI interface is not the best choice and not widely supported as it is happening with the industry standard that is HDMI 1.4(a), but that should not mean to ditch it in favor of only supporting the HDMI for stereo 3D content. Just to remind that HDMI 1.4(a) is using frame packing and is limited to 1080p 24Hz 3D mode as well as 720p 50/60Hz 3D mode, so you will not be able to use the native 1080p resolution with 60 fps per eye like you can currently do over DL DVI. Supporting both DL DVI and the frame sequential mode as well as HDMI 1.4(a) and its frame packing method for sending stereo 3D content to a monitor might make it a bit more expensive, but is a much better choice than getting only HDMI 1.4(a) support. The support for the later one will also mean that you will not be able to use 120Hz refresh rate at all when not in stereo 3D mode, but instead will be limited to only 60Hz… and I’m sure you will not like to be further limited with a new monitor than you are with the current generation of 3D LCDs already available. I hope I’m wrong here, we might soon start seeing the next generation of 3D LCD monitors with HDMI 1.4(a) and no DVI connectors at all.

The release of the firs 3D-capable monitors with DisplayPort might be the resolution to the situation we are facing with getting HDMI-only 3D monitors, however DP is not yet that commonly available on video cards, so you might also need an adapter from DVI to DisplayPort. AMD gave us a hint about getting 3D-capable monitors with DisplayPort sometime in 2011 and their video cards in general have a DP than HDMI connector, but Nvidia is still focusing mostly on HDMI along the traditional DVI connectors. But talking about next generation of 3D-capable LCD monitors we should not forget that we also need better and with a faster response time LCD panels in order for the users to get better 3D experience and have less issues…

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  • 1 Mathew Orman // Nov 7, 2010 at 19:03

    There will be new version of HDMI supporting FULL HD 3D at 60Hz rates. Also one can always use time parallel stereoscopic projection systems running 60Hz per eye flicker free.

    Mathew Orman

  • 2 Bloody // Nov 7, 2010 at 21:09

    Yes, in time… maybe in 1.5, but that takes time. 1.4 was finalized in the end of 2009 and in march this year it was updated to 1.4a. So maybe by the next year we can have 1.5 finalized and they a year for products using it to become available… if being too optimistic. Meanwhile we expect any time now to see the first 3D LCD monitors with HDMI for stereo 3D…

  • 3 Mathew Orman // Nov 8, 2010 at 00:50

    That requires a quad buffer in every HDMI 1.4 monitor. We sell see how the price affect the sales of such monitors.
    Let us know when you you spot the first one.

    Mathew Orman

  • 4 CrystalCowboy // Nov 8, 2010 at 20:10

    “The release of the firs 3D-capable monitors with DisplayPort might be the resolution to the situation we are facing with getting HDMI-only 3D monitors, however DP is not yet that commonly available on video cards, so you might also need an adapter from DVI to DisplayPort.”

    I don’t think this is anything to worry about. As you mention, both AMD and nVidia have Displayport on their cards already, and if you can afford a DisplayPort 1.2 3D monitor, you can surely afford a card with DP.

  • 5 Bloody // Nov 8, 2010 at 20:49

    It is not a matter of being able to afford something, it is a matter of convenience and making things as easy and simple as possible for the end user… ;)

  • 6 Dave G. // Nov 8, 2010 at 20:56

    A lot of us folks will continue to feel crippled until there is a solution that gives greater than 1920 x 1080 resolution. For now we are trailing the 2D world, which has been enjoying up to 2560×1600 resolution for some time now.

  • 7 Franco // Nov 8, 2010 at 23:58

    What is DP, displayport, how does it look like? I’m only familiar with DVI, HDMI, and S-video inputs for video cards, don’t really know what you mean by DP?

    I don’t think, frame sequential method you’ll become history, cause it’s much better than HDMI 1.4 frame packing.
    3DTV’s were made thinking about bluray3D which plays beatifully in 24hz and also console 3D gaming which 720p is the majority.

    But monitors, the 3D ones, are made for 3D Vision or other solutions, so if a monitor will be made for 3D Vision users it will always have DVI inputs and that’s what matters. PC folks won’t stand having to play games in 3D 720p 60hz, if they already can play in 1080p 120hz.

  • 8 Jo-Chen // Jan 13, 2011 at 19:15

    “The release of the firs 3D-capable monitors with DisplayPort might be the resolution to the situation”

    well, not really, since 2 lane DisplayPort (DP) is limited to 270MHz, while Dual-Link DVI (DLDVI) is above 300MHz and 1920×1080 @ 120Hz with reduced blanking requires 285MHz, according to “cvt -r 1920 1080 120”, so we have to wait for 4 lane DP, a new HDMI or stick with DLDVI for gaming.

  • 9 Pawan // Mar 14, 2011 at 09:30

    Will it be possible to connect ps3 to this 1.4a hdmi monitor. just wanted to know that the stereoscopic might work or not ?

  • 10 HiroPro // Jan 21, 2012 at 03:40

    AMD has taken it into their own hands with the new HD 7000 series and with HDMI 1.4a 300Mhz spec they can using a single TDMS channel/lane send 1080p frame packed 120Hz out their HDMI port.

    Problem we all have is their isn’t a TV I know of that can take this. I would sure love to see Panasonic place DLDVI and HDMI 300Mhz 120Hz frame pack support to their DT30 TVs. That Alpha panel with crappy 24p Blueray 3D is the best I’ve ever seen on an LCD.

    If only Panasonic DT30 had DLDVI and HDMI1.4a 120Hz framepack support!

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