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Testing Nvidia 3DTV Play Stereo 3D with a Panasonic 3D HDTV

November 1st, 2010 · 42 Comments · GeForce 3D Vision

After finally managing to get the AMD HD3D Technology working with the Panasonic 3D HDTV I’ve moved to testing the 3DTV Play functionality from Nvidia, which did not have any trouble working with the 3D TV and making it work was just a simple matter of plugging in the TV to the PC… hopefully AMD will work that out too in the near future to make things work as simple as that and resolve all the issues they have, including providing support for Crossfire configuration with multiple GPUs. And since I did not have trouble making things work with 3DTV Play, I’ve moved to testing with games and as expected I’ve seen a few mostly minor issues that need to be fixed by Nvidia in order for the 3D HDTV support to be further improved. The test system I’ve used is with two GeForce GTX 480 video cards running in SLI (no problems with dual GPUs here), under Window 7 Pro 64-bit and with the latest drivers version 260.99 in order to ensure most up to date functionality and the best possible performance. All of the 20 recent games I’ve tried were set to maximum details with no AA by default, although I’ve also tried them with anti-aliasing if they had available in the game options, just to be sure, but the fps results mentioned below are with no AA. My goal was to find if the games work in the 1080p 24Hz 3D mode, so I’ve started with that, before also trying them out in 720p 60Hz 3D mode. And another thing I was interested in was if they worked in the 1080p 24Hz 3D mode were they comfortably playable in that mode that is originally designed for 3D movies and not for games. So below you can see what were my findings…

Here on the video you can see how the difference looks when playing a game in the 1080p 24Hz 3D mode with vsync enabled and disabled with Bioshock 2 used as an example. In the video it might not be that noticeable, but with vsync enabled the game is pretty much unplayable and disabling the vsync makes with more comfortable to be played at that mode, provided that you can get high enough average fps. You can also see some of the other minor issues I’ve encountered with pretty much only the problem with Darksiders being more serious and thus preventing the game to be played in stereo 3D mode. Another thing that needs to be worked on a bit is the optimization for 3DTV Play to utilize the graphic processors with their full potential, especially in multi-GPU configurations as stereo 3D at high resolution can be quite demanding and getting a good average framerate ensures the good experience. But now lets take a look at each of the twenty games I’ve tested with and see some of the specifics for each title, I do plan to try out some more games, but as it is a quite time consuming task it will take some time.

1. Avatar the Game
The game Avatar works without problems in 1080p 24Hz 3D mode and can be played pretty comfortable even with Vsync enabled, although you better disable it for a bit better experience. The problem however turned out to be the average framerate I was getting from the game which was around 30 fps (per eye) at 1080p mode with maximum details with both GPUs loaded to just about 48%. So definitely some performance optimizations can help get the user better experience from the game.

2. Battlefield: Bad Company 2
The 1080p 24Hz 3D mode worked just fine here too, but the game is playable only with vsync disabled. Bad Company 2 is quite a demanding game even when not played in stereo 3D mode, so with maximum details and no AA and HBAO disabled I’ve managed to get just an average of 35 fps with about 55% load on both GPUs.

3. BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger
This is one of the games that I could not make the 1080p 24Hz 3D mode work as the game tries to force 60Hz refresh rate by default, however there were no problems to play it in 720p 60Hz 3D mode. The game itself is not so demanding anyway, so the GPU load was quite low here.

4. Bioshock 2
Here the 1080p 24Hz 3D mode works just fine, but the game is unplayable with vsync enabled, disabling it however improves the situation a lot and as you can see from the video above with over 100 fps average the game is using both GPUs at maximum with them being loaded at over 95%.

5. Borderlands
The 1080p 24Hz 3D mode works just fine here too, however the performance the game can provide in that mode is a bit low as at times the framerate drops below 20 fps at some moments. There is no vsync control option in the game and the sync is off by default, but in order to get better experience higher performance is required, so you might need to compromise a bit with the level of details. Both GTX 480 GPUs in SLI were loaded to just about 50%, so some optimizations can definitely be done to improve the situation.

6. Civilization 5
In Civilization V the 1080p 24Hz 3d mode works just fine and with vsync enabled the game is quite playable, although scrolling the map can be a bit choppy, so disabling the vsync can also help here. An interesting issue I’ve noticed here was that the in-game cursor is flashing in the right eye, but only in the menus and not while you play the game. Similar issue with the cursor blinking in just one of the lenses and thus creating a bit uncomfortable feeling I’ve also noticed in a few more games I’ve also tried. And although it is not a serious issue, this needs to be addressed, you can get an idea of what I’m talking about from the video above where I’ve demonstrated the problem.

7. Darksiders
Here the game switches on in the 1080p 24Hz 3D mode, but there is some issue that is preventing it to be played, also present in the 720p 3D mode and even disabling the stereo 3D mode by pressing CTRL + T does not help. There are some strange gray lines passing over the screen and in order to play the game normally in non-3D mode you have to go to the control panel and completely disable the Stereoscopic 3D mode. It is important to note the fact that I’ve also tried Darksiders with a 120HZ 3D LCD and there it works just fine without the problem with the gray lines, I’ve included a short demonstration of the issue int he video above. I’ve also noticed the same issue with the blinking cursor as in CIV V here too, but the other issue is dfar more serious and needs to be addressed first.

8. Dead Rising 2
In that game the 1080p 24Hz 3D mode also works and the game is not very comfortable when playing with vsync enabled, so you better disable it if you want to play it in the higher resolution mode. The GPU utilization is over 60% for both video cards and most of the time the provided framerate is quite high (over 70-80 fps), but there are some moments when entering big open spaces with a lot of zombies when it drops down to less than 20 fps and surprisingly enough the GPU utilization is also drops to less than 20% at these times. The issue with the flickering mouse cursor in the right lens is also present in this game.

9. Fallout: New Vegas
In this game the 1080p 24Hz 3D mode also works, and with vsync enabled from the game it is kind of playable, but you get a feeling of inertia of your crosshair when panning around, so disabling the vsync again can improve things. You get about 35 fps average framerate per eye which can be a bit on the edge and both GPUs are loaded to just about 45%, so some performance optimizations can help here too.

10. F1 2010
In Formula 1 2010 the 1080p 24Hz 3D mode worked just fine and surprisingly enough the game is quite playable with vsync enabled, although you might want to disable it for better experience. Something interesting I’ve noticed is that with no AA enabled the game behaves weirdly, the performance when the 3D mode is activated drops significantly to just about 0-1-2 fps and the game becomes unplayable, disabling the 3D mode brings things back to normal framerate and enabling 4xAA resolves the issue.

11. Just Cause 2
Here the 1080p 24Hz 3D mode works, with vsync enabled there is again the issue when panning with the feeling of acceleration for the crosshair movement. With vsync disabled the performance is just around 35 fps per eye and the GPU load is 99% for the first and just 20% for the second GPU which makes it better, but for more comfort a higher fps is needed with vsync disabled. And some performance optimizations would help as well in getting better experience.

12. Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days
The 1080p 24Hz 3D mode works, with vsync disabled the game it is quite comfortable to be played. Over 50 fps average with around 55% load on both GPUs.

13. Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
The 1080p 24Hz 3D mode works just fine, the game is played better with vsync disabled, although you can still play with it enabled at 24Hz. This title is not very demanding, so there are no issues with the performance of the SLI setup.

14. Metro 2033
Quite a demanding game as you should know, the 1080p 24Hz 3D mode works, vsync is disabled by default, no in-game option for controlling it. With DX11 mode, very high details, no AA gets you just 20 fps average (per eye), around 53% load on the GPUs, not very playable in that situation, so had to lower the details to get around 40 fps average which makes it playable.

15. Need for Speed: SHIFT
This is another game that I could not make the 1080p 24Hz 3D mode work, although there is an option for selecting the right resolution and refresh rate int he game options.However the game runs at 60Hz no matter that you’ve set it at 24Hz from the in-game options, after restarting it to apply the change it is reverting to 1080p 60Hz automatically. Running it at 720p 60Hz 3D mode and with 8xAA gives out an interesting warning window that the AA will be downgraded to 4xAA to ensure good performance in the game (recorded it in the video above), did not have trouble with other titles where AA was set to 8x or even 16x like the message in NFS. The average fps in this situation is around 37 with both GPUs loaded to around 53%.

16. Prototype
The 1080p 24Hz 3D mode does not work here, when switching to 1080p resolution from within the game it goes to 50Hz, no matter if the desktop is set to 24Hz 3D mode or not. 720p mode works just fine, but again at 50Hz only. At 720p 50Hz, 4xAA the game runs with an average of about 40 fps and both GPUs are loaded to just around 30%.

17. Singularity
The 1080p 24Hz 3D mode works, and at 24Hz vsynced the game is playable, but looking around creates a kind of strange feeling, like there is some kind of inertia when you are moving your crosshair. Disabling vsync from the in-game menu makes it much more comfortable to play at 1080p 24Hz 3D mode. Around 60% load with vsync off for both GPUs and fps of over 100, with vsync enabled the load on both GPUs gets to just about 10%.

18. StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty
In that quite popular title the 1080p 24Hz 3D mode works just fine and with vsync enabled the scrolling of the map is not so good, but with vsync disabled is it much better and the game is quite playable. Over 60 fps average with both GPUs loaded to around 50%.

19. Transformers: War for Cybertron
Here the 1080p 24Hz 3D mode works as well and the the game is playable with vsync enabled, when vsync is disabled it rises just to 30 fps, because the game is capped at 30 max fps.

20. X-Blades
The 1080p 24Hz 3D mode works, vsync is off by default and there is no option to enable it. The game works very well with over 140 fps average framerate.

So out of 20 tested games, just a single one is unplayable due to some weird behavior, two games are completely playable, but have some issues when using AA, some others have minor issues. The 1080p 24Hz 3D mode did not work in only three games out of 20 and the reason for that is something within the games that forcing higher refresh rate. If you want to play at 1080p 24Hz 3D mode you should disable the vsync and be sure to have a high average fps in order to make the experience better. And finally some performance optimizations would also help a lot, especially with more demanding games and for multi-GPU configurations.

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42 responses so far ↓

  • 1 dsk1210 // Nov 1, 2010 at 17:05

    Hi Bloody

    I see you are having the same problem as me with your sli setup, frames dropping while only using 50% of each gpu, i think it is a frame packing problem over sli, i think this has been the main reason for the delay in 3dtv play.

    You might get better performace disabling sli and trying just the one card, i have a few games that work better like that, damn annoying with you have 2 gpu’s sitting there though.



  • 2 Bloody // Nov 1, 2010 at 17:17

    Yes, apparently there might be some issues with that, however they seem to be present only at times… for example with Bioshock 2 there was a surprisingly good utilization of both GPUs. After enabling AA on some titles the GPU load increases with no visible drop in framerate and in few cases even with higher famerate than with no AA active.

  • 3 Ray // Nov 1, 2010 at 17:53

    How is 3dtv Play compared to using the 120hz lcd’s? Do you find the 3d on the hdtv’s to be better or worse than on the lcd’s?

  • 4 dsk1210 // Nov 1, 2010 at 17:57

    Ray, when it works well i do prefer the panasonic plasma over my samsung lcd monitor, but still a lot of problems if using sli and 3dtv play, not got the same problems when i use my monitor.

    I have noticed that as well bloody, i use 4x AA on bad company 2, it runs better like that than it does with none, very bizzare.


  • 5 Ray // Nov 1, 2010 at 18:52

    Thanks for the response. I was originally planning to go for the 3d stereo surround 3 monitor approach, but then figured I would wait for the 3dtv play instead.

    I am still holding back a little longer to hear how things progress before I pull the trigger.

  • 6 Bloody // Nov 1, 2010 at 19:17

    After playing for a bit with a 50″ 3D HDTV and comparing it to the 3D Vision Surround I’d go for the big TV screen instead of a 3D Vision Surround, oh wait… I already did that ;)

    The 3DTV Play still needs a bit of fine tuning, but on a 3D HDTV you get less ghosting, better viewing angles and colors, higher brightness with less loss due to the glasses (that depends) and better blacks with plasma’s besting the bunch of LCD’s although some LCD TV’s do come pretty close. The drawback of the 3D TV’s is the lack of 60 Hz 3D mode for 1080p like on the 3D LCD monitors…

  • 7 Franco // Nov 2, 2010 at 00:31


    I didn’t know you could try to disable Vsync and play above 24fps at 1080p 24hz with 3DTV Play??? That’s freaking awesome, why I haven’t thought about that. No more 24 frames limitation, so I guess 24hz is ot really a problem. Now that might explain why Battlefied 2 was showing 35fps at 1080 24hz, probally the Vsync was disabled.
    I will try that with Just Cause 2 as it’s hard to play the game at 24fps.
    Are you playing all the games you’ve tried with 3DTV Play using SLI enabled or disabled. I’ve only tried with my 2 GTX 480 in SLI, never tried SLI disabled with 3DTV Play.
    What games play better with 3DTV Play and SLI disabled that you’ve tried?
    Have you tried GTA IVm Episodes with 3DTV Play? This game doesn’t seem to work well with 3DTV Play, I see stripes in the middle of screen and graphics anomalies.

  • 8 Franco // Nov 2, 2010 at 00:43

    I’ve just watched your video with 3DTV Play issues.

    I’ve notice this tearing you’ve experienced playing Bioshock 2 with Metro 2033 at 1080p 24hz, lots of tearing and it’s strange cause this game doesn’t have Vsync.
    Anyway it’s strange to get tearing with Vsync enabled, as I thought Vsync was created to avoid tearing.
    I guess in order to play at 1080p 24hz using 3DTV Play, it’s a good idea to disable Vsync, right, so you can play above 24fps???

  • 9 Paul // Nov 2, 2010 at 02:59

    Man, talk about verbiage… Franco, you have to be more succinct in your texts. At Nvidia forums you write so much that is tiring to read your posts. And now I come here and waste more than 14 lines to say something you could do in 3.
    Just my tip as you’re not a native english speaker, we don’t like verbiage man.

  • 10 Damo3000 // Nov 2, 2010 at 04:05

    What’s the level of ghosting you are getting from this set Bloody?

  • 11 JoDo // Nov 2, 2010 at 06:42

    Again, what are your opinions of 720px2 @ 60Hz. For most games 1080p seems comfortable you say, but would you stick with 1080p? How much of a difference do you notice with 720p? This, (720p), seems like the better choice for me for most games, esp. fast-paced games as you way. If I wanted more PQ, meaning if I could average more than 60fps per eye, or 60 3dfps easily, I would either turn on v-sync, assuming that worked properly, or turn up the AA or other PQ settings. I know 720p isn’t the native panel resolution in the case of Plasma and LCD, but they have good scaling these days.

    Also, these days, alot of fps players prefer 2D 120fps on their 3d tn lcd panels, by all accounts this feature is not available through hdtvs with the frame-packing method, but should be easily possible in theory. The display will still be updated on every 60th of a second, so there will be some frame delay / lag, but the overall experience should still have that smoothness of 120hz. I hope they add-in this feature. Of course unlike LCDs, this feature would only apply to 720p, if it was available.

    Finally, what kind of input lag are you noticing? Is it not bad at all? Is it noticeable? Is there a difference between AMD or Nvidia?

    Thanks, I appreciate your input as usual,

  • 12 Franco // Nov 2, 2010 at 07:08

    Bloody, How can you play games with 3DTGV Play and Vsync disabled. I coudn’t, I’ve tried disabling Vsync in Mafia 2, Batman, Left 4 Dead and Mafia 2 and I got very dizzy while playing those games on my 63″ Sammy plasma.
    When you disable th Vsync playing at 1080p 24hz, I could see my FPS going higher using Fraps to monitor them, but there were tons of tearing, the fps don’t sync with the hertz, giving a weird blur effect when you move the mouse or joystick arround, makes you feel dizzy. I don’t know how you could play like that???
    Once I turn Vsync on again and my FPS are stuck at 24, then everything is perfect, no more dizzy and tearing. In 2D it doesn’t bother, but in 3D it was really killing me. I definatelly prefer to play at slower frame rates rather then playing faster but out of sync and bluring the image when I move the mouse arround.
    Haven’t you felt dizzy while playing games in 1080p 24hz with Vsync disabled.

    Now I understand why I coudn’t play Metro 2033 in 1080p 24hz, cause the game doesn’t have Vsync option and it’s disabled by default like you said. At least for my sight, I need Vsync enabled for 3D, it’s unplayable for me disabling it even at 60fps.

    Batman and Just Cause 2 are the 2 best games i’ve tried so far with 3DTV Play, and Mafia 2 was very disapointing, lots of ghosting, even worst than my LCD 120hz display. Mafia 2 is definatelly not a 3D ready game, what a joke. Convergence locked, no pop out and tons of ghosting with LCD and Plasma 3D.

  • 13 JoDo // Nov 2, 2010 at 08:48

    ” giving a weird blur effect when you move the mouse or joystick arround” this is not a vsync issue, although it may be caused by the vsync setting somehow. Vsync is solely related to tearing.

    Try enabling doublebuffering, if somehow that’s disabled, or even triplebuffering. It sounds like you may even have doublebuffering disabled, because of the excessive tearing you’re having.

  • 14 Bloody // Nov 2, 2010 at 10:16

    With vsync disabled the level of visible tearing depends on the framerate you are getting, if you have high-enough fps you shouldn’t be bothered much, but that may vary from person to person. I have no trouble with that and I find it much more comfortable when playing at 1080p 24Hz 3D mode, although 720p 60Hz 3D mode feels much better and with 8xAA the image quality is quite nice.

    Regarding the input lag and ghosting, I still haven’t started testing these, so I don’t want to speculate, however there is some visible crosstalk at times, but definitely less than on a 3D LCD monitor. The TV also comes with a “Gaming” mode which disables some of the image processing in order to reduce the input lag, but I need to test it to be sure.

    The framerate in Metro 2033 drops quite a lot with DX11 and high detail levels, and with less than 20 fps at times it is really unplayable unless you lower the details. What you’ve felt with vsync disabled Franco I had similar experience with Bioschock 2 using vsync and that is why I’ve tried to capture the effect on the video.

  • 15 JoDo // Nov 2, 2010 at 12:50

    bloody are you always getting higher than 24fps (or 48fps 1080p frames total, one for each eye), with vsync disabled? If so then based on the definition, vsync-on would be the way to go. Clearly something is an issue though, as is shown in the bioshock video. It looks possibly in the video like your fps is dropping to 1/2 as is typical when vsync is on and the framerate produced by the gfx dips slightly below 24fps, (or 48fps as described above). If your framerate is always displaying above the vsync limit, I can think that one, fraps, if that’s what you’re using, isn’t measuring the framerate correctly, because of its ‘farther back’ position on the 3d processing train, or that there’s some other issue/bug. Have you noticed differing results with 720p vsync?

  • 16 Bloody // Nov 2, 2010 at 13:19

    Do you think that the framerate drops below 24 fps with vsync disabled with Bioshock 2, when the average FPS is over 100 frames per second… however that does happen with Metro 2033 and this makes the game unplayable with both vsync on and off. Checking the GPU load with Bioshock 2 also reveals quite good utilization for both GPUs, so low framerate is not an issue. Maybe it has something to do with the game itself not being designed to work well with low framerates, as for example Transformers (originally capped at 30 fps and a console port) feels great even at 24 fps with vsync enabled…

    I suppose that with 24 fps and vsync enabled having input lag can also mess things up to a level that you can feel uncomfortable playing, because the controls feel unresponsive… but that needs to be confirmed yet when I test the 3D TV for input lag.

  • 17 dsk1210 // Nov 2, 2010 at 16:08

    I have to say i would not play at 1080p 3d 24fps, i have been playing on 720p 3d at 60fps, I just cant play unless it runs pretty smooth.

    I am thinking of replacing my gtx 295 with a gtx 480, i know the 295 gets bettewr performance on some games, but i am sick to the back teeth of SLI just now, it feels like i am always waiting on something to be fixed so things run properly.

    Bloody what sort of frames you getting in 720p if you just use the one card, pretty smooth or frames dropping all over the place?


  • 18 Bloody // Nov 2, 2010 at 17:30

    I haven’t yet tested extensively at 720p and with a single GPU active, but I’ll work on that as soon as I have enough free time :)

  • 19 artox // Nov 2, 2010 at 19:14

    I have a non- 3dtv play related question, since you started testing and blogging right away. Did you do a break-in procedure of the Panny, because I’ve read that about 150hrs of break-in are needed for plasmas?

  • 20 Bloody // Nov 2, 2010 at 19:52

    Yes, more like 200 hours, but there are different opinions for the number of hours.

  • 21 Franco // Nov 2, 2010 at 21:09

    How do I enabled this so called doublebuffering or triplebuffering in games?
    Bloody, even playing Mafia 2 at 60fps 1080p 24hz Vsync disabled, I felt dizzy due to tons of tearing while driving arround the city, it’s like the car is floating in a blur background, really weird. If I stop moving, than scenario is OK again.
    Have you also notice annoying ghosting with Mafia 2 + 3DTV Play?

    If I disable Vsync I get horrible tearing, it’s completely unplayable on any game I’ve tried.
    For example, If I’m playing Metro 2033 1080p 24hz and move the mouse arround or walk/run, It feels like there are many invisable lines in the screen, horizontal lines, and they ‘re all in different speeds, I guess that’s tearing right? So, you feel like the whole scenario is in peaces during movement, that you’re character is somehow floating in the background.

    I’m from Brazil, sorry for bad english, it’s hard to explain things like this in another language. Somebody here said I’m a native english speaker, thank you for the complement, but I’m not and believe me my english is not that good.

    So far, If I enable Vsync in games it’s completely playable at 1080p 24hz. If I try 720p 60hz it doesn’t really matter to disable Vsync, but at 108p 24hz does a big deal of difference.
    If I play at 1080p 24hz Vsync disabled, with 3D tearing for a longer than 10 minutes in a 63″Plasma, I’ll probally have a headache.

  • 22 mike // Nov 3, 2010 at 03:24

    Hi all,
    I’ve had the tcp50vt25 since may 6th. Until 3dtvplay was avail in 260.58 leaked drivers, all other drivers were pretty useless for gaming . Now a note about framepacking 1080p24, its horible to play any game due to frame lagg and targeting lagg. I tried bad company 2 with ever driver update in that format and it sucks compared to 30% depth in 720p60 framepacking which is about 1280×1440 minus uncompression and color bit in the frame. Looks good at 720p but still rather have a 120hz 1080p monitor larger then my acer.

    Wake up vendors! Sell us a 27inch +, low responce 3D MONITOR

  • 23 Bloody // Nov 3, 2010 at 10:24

    Franco, you can do that either from the in-game menu if the game has support for it or force it from the GPU control panel.

    mike, have you tried with vsync on/off at 1080p 24Hz 3D mode?

  • 24 park // Nov 3, 2010 at 11:59

    Which is better when u playing game betwen 1280*720P*60FPS and 1920*1080#24FPS?

  • 25 Bloody // Nov 3, 2010 at 12:54

    The 720p 60Hz 3D mode feels much smoother, but you are also playing with lower resolution and you need to have some AA to fix the rough edges. At 1080p 24Hz 3D mode you don’t feel the game so responsive, but the resolution is higher and you get more details. It pretty much depends on the game however, with some games perfectly playable at 1080p 24Hz and others not, but in general the 720p 50/60Hz 3D modes are the ones designed for gaming…

  • 26 Franco // Nov 3, 2010 at 17:16

    Bloody, not many games, to say just a few, have a doublebuffering and triplebuffering as an available option. I’ve only see this in COD games. Not any other that I have.

    So, these features allows me to disable vsync an not suffer from tearing, is that correct?

    How do I enable this triple and doublebuffering in the Nvidia control panel??? Can you be more specific, sorry, I’ve never done that. Never enabled AA or stuff like that using the Nvidia control panel, I always use in game menu options.

    If this change will help 3DTV Play game play to be smoother with Vsync disabled, why not try this double buffering in the Nvidia control panel??? Just need to know how?

  • 27 Bloody // Nov 3, 2010 at 18:03

    You can find options to force vsync and triple buffering in the Manage 3D settings section in the Nvidia control panel, no double buffering there as triple buffering is considered the better approach. I need to play a bit with these to see how they well work at 24Hz…

  • 28 Franco // Nov 3, 2010 at 21:53

    Thanks, let me know the results you’ll get.

    I thought Triplebuffering was somehow related to Vsync, I could never imagine that it would make a big difference with Vsync disabled, only enabled.

  • 29 artox // Nov 3, 2010 at 23:15

    Bloody, what material did you use for the break-in. I’ve found a free break-in DVD, but don’t know if it’s universal. On a separate note I’ve discovered a troubling review of the 42gt model – http://www.hdtvtest.co.uk/news/panasonic-txp42gt20-txp42gt20b-20101025880.htm and the GT series as a whole on CNET. Guess I’ll be waiting a bit longer and getting a VT model.

  • 30 Bloody // Nov 4, 2010 at 00:13

    Franco, with tripple buffering enabled and vsync to off the results are slightly better for me, less tearing and still much more comfortable to play than with vsync enabled.

    artox, I’ve used a simple video I’ve created with just the basic colors rotating each few seconds, the goal in the break-in process is not to have the same image stay on screen for a longer time, because during that first few hundred hours the panel is more prone to burning-in.

  • 31 mike // Nov 4, 2010 at 09:50

    Just curious,
    When you gents tried bad company 2, did you play it in multiplayer or single player modes. There is some minor lagg even in 720p due to the server connection.
    I’m running 2 480gtx on i7 extreme 965 with a 30M/6M internet connection. . All my games are on raid 0 intel ssds.

    Yes vsync off, aa off or at 4x. 1080p 3d still too laggy. Looks great when standing still lol

  • 32 Bloody // Nov 4, 2010 at 10:12

    No, not in multi, in single, because in multiplayer depending on the ping to the server you have you might get additional lag on top of the one that the display can exhibit in delaying the showing of images on the screen. Have you tried with tripple buffering forced and vsync disabled, it might help?

  • 33 Franco // Nov 4, 2010 at 16:48

    Bloody, I’ve enabled triple buffering in the Nvidia manage 3D apps control settings.
    I’ve tried a few games in 1080p 24hz with Vsync disabled and I still felt dizzy while playing, lots of tearing. If I stand still and just move the mouse cursos arround, I can see lots of horizontal invisible lines tearing the background appart.
    I got 35fp average in Just Cause, and 60 in Mafia 2, but it was completely unplayable to me.
    Once I enabled Vsync, everything was perfect again, no more tearing at all. It sucks to be stuck at 24fps, but it’s way better than 3D tearing. It’s funny though, I’ve always used Vsync enabled, but in 2D I’ve never really felt the difference, but in 3D, all my god, there’s just no way to disable it, at least with 3DTV Play. I will try disabling in Vsync in some 3D games using my 120hz display and see if I get the same kind of annoying tearing that makes 3D unplayable. But I think it must be related to 3DTV Play and the 24hz mode.
    Like I said, 720p 60hz, I also prefer Vsync enabled, but If I disabled it, it’s no so bad. I image that at 120hz, Vsync is not a problem at all, I mean disabling or enabling it.

    I’ve tried Just Cause 720p 60hz with AA 16x, no aliasing, but still looks like a PS3 game, not enough for me. I like the eye candy….

  • 34 jacob pederson // Nov 5, 2010 at 02:55

    Am I the only one that’s extremely disappointed by the 24 hz limitation on these new tvs? How can they call that full hd I wonder? I’ve been very happy with the image quality on my Mitsubishi – 60″ – WD-60735 . . . but been looking for something that actually is 1080p 120hz. Will keep on waiting :)

  • 35 Franco // Nov 5, 2010 at 17:01

    Thta’s because the 1080p 24hz mode was designed for bluray3D, not gams. Those TV’s made 720p 60hz for gaming, console gaming and the majority of these games are 720p.
    They didn’t have 3DTV Play in mind when they made they’ve created the tech. Nvidia found a way to make their tech work with the new 3DTV’s HDMI 1.4.

    Frame packing is completely different from the Frame sequentail format your Mitsubishi and LCD 120hz displays uses to show 3D effects, so this 120hz stuff don’t apply for HDMI 1.4, it’s a totally different technology.

  • 36 Bloody // Nov 5, 2010 at 23:51

    Ok, I’ve found the cause for the blinking cursor in some games through the right lens only in some games, apparently it has something to do with SLI, as when the SLI is disabled it stops blinking.

  • 37 dave // Jan 20, 2011 at 22:32

    hi bloody why when i choose from nvidia option 3d hd the screen becomes bluesh but when choosing hd sd the screen in very clear?? what to do to fix it ?

  • 38 tom // Oct 17, 2011 at 10:48

    HOW ARE YOU SETTING THE REFRESH RATE ON THESE GAMES?! sry for caps rage but its annoying, i dont see no options in them, my games when set to 1080p are trying to show 3d 1080p @ 60hz, and that is unsupported with hdmi 1.4

  • 39 Bloody // Oct 17, 2011 at 12:25

    Not all games work in 1080p 24Hz mode. Try setting 1080p 24Hz mode from the Nvidia control panel before running a game…

  • 40 Jonathan Hersey // Jun 11, 2013 at 08:56

    So is the game smooth and fast at 720p 60hz in 3d? thats only 30 fps per eye right?

  • 41 Jonny // Jan 12, 2018 at 16:27

    DreamWorks technical director and game developer here. Don’t play 3D games with VSync off for active shutter glasses or DLP Link , it’ll send de-synced frames to each Eye and/or cause tearing, which can cause nausea or dizziness. You can’t get faster framerate with 3D because the 3D effect needs to be delivered on the whole frame synced to each eye. However the reason people say it feels better is becauze IF and only IF you dont move the Camera much, it’ll send smoother. But If you move it fast you are likely to get de-synced frames / nausea. Consider dropping resolution and keeping VSync on instead. (This only applies to 3d stereoscopic gaming, otherwise i always turn vsync off)
    For interlaced, checkerboard, passive glasses it probably doesn’t matter as much, only for active / shutter

  • 42 Jonny // Jan 12, 2018 at 16:31

    As for setting the refresh rate on the games, my guess is his display only went up to 50hz, and so Unreal Engine tried 120hz, 60hz, then 24hz in that order, and settled in 24hz, but I am not sure. I have a (untested) theory that if you edit EDID (caution) or somehow mask the high refresh rates on the device driver you may be able to fool unreal engine into picking 24hz… the *.ini settings seemed to be ignored. Just a guess

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