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Nvidia Talks about 3DTV Play at 3D Entertainment Summit

September 25th, 2010 · 7 Comments · GeForce 3D Vision

Neil Schneider from MTBS3D has managed to get a hold of Andrew Fear, the product manager for 3D Vision at Nvidia for a short interview regarding 3DTV Play during the 3D Entertainment Summit. In the video Andrew Fear presents briefly the 3DTV Play software and also discloses some new information, like the fact that the 3DTV Play will also be bundled by some OEM’s with their laptops besides being freely available for 3D Vision owners and being sold separately. Just a reminder – the latest 260.63 beta drivers do have beta support for 3DTV Play, so you can try it out if you have a 3D HDTV already. Just don’t get discouraged if id does not work yet or properly with your 3D setup, it is still beta and thus some issues can be expected, meanwhile we are still waiting for the official announcement and the availability of 3DTV Play with WHQL driver release…

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  • 1 phataudi // Sep 25, 2010 at 15:21

    Hello, 3DTV PLAY was suppose to be available in september, and september is nearly ended and no 3DTV PLAY for persons like me who are waiting for it to play 3D GAMES and ISOS of 3DBLURAYS on their 3D TV S (65VT20).

    There is still no news concerning 3D TV PLAY availibility?
    Thanks, best regards.

  • 2 Bloody // Sep 25, 2010 at 16:21

    As I’ve mentioned above, the latest 260.63 beta drivers do have beta support for 3DTV Play, so you can try it out if you have a 3D HDTV already…

  • 3 steve // Sep 25, 2010 at 21:39

    Does anyone else think Neil looks like ‘Will’ off Inbetweeners? :)

  • 4 Coolie[NL] // Sep 28, 2010 at 15:37

    Like Bloody says. It works!!!

    Thanks to Nautis, I installed the Nvidia 260.63 drivers for Windows 7 64-bit on the VAIO Z11.

    This morning I connected the VAIO Z11 to a Sony Bravia 3DHDTV, and I could do the Nvidia Stereoscopic 3D test, and also a 3D 1080p Side-By-Side trailer worked like a charm!!!

    Freakin awesome!

  • 5 Franco // Sep 28, 2010 at 23:16

    Well, I have a 3D Vision kit + Samsung 3D Plasma PN63C8000 + drivers 260.63.

    I can watch bluray 3D in my TV using Power DVD 10 and I can also see the Nvidia logo flying arround in 3D. I can also go through the Wizard setup, al, in 3D, but in the end of the process it just says I can now watch 3D movies in my TV and to update for 3DTV Play. WTF??? It feels like It doesn’t understand I have a 3D Vision emitter and tells me to upgrade. To should work for me as it worked for a lot of guys in the Nvidia forum, but it didn’t for me.

    I can see HDMI 1.4 bluray 3D in the Nvidia control panel when I set my TV as primary display, but I don’t see the Nvidia 3DTV Play logo. So I guess, no 3DTV Play for me yet, it doesn’t work for everyone that has 3DTV’s + 3D Vision I guess.
    I’ve tried the mini HDMI and both DVI inputs in my GTX 480 and still no 3DTV Play.

    Bloody, If you got time, please read this thread I’ve just posted in the Nvidia forums. It’s about playing Avatar the game in 3D at 1920 x 1080 at 60hz, no 24hz limitation here. I would like to hear your comment on that matter, as I know you know better about 3D stuff than anybody I know.


  • 6 Bloody // Sep 28, 2010 at 23:22

    Samsung’s 3D HDTVs are among the few that actually support more input modes than the standard Side by Side, Above/Below and the Frame Packaging from HDMI 1.4. This allows you to have interlaced and checkerboard 3D input, but I don’t think that these do have 1080p actual output on the screen and thus you can get the higher refresh rate (the output is probably at 720p). However I can’t confirm that for sure as I don’t yet have a lot of experience with different 3D HDTVs and access to such to test it…

  • 7 Entertain3D // Feb 18, 2011 at 22:34

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