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Reminiscence Stereoscopic 3D Short Movie by Celine Tricart

September 19th, 2010 · 8 Comments · 3D Movies & Videos

Reminiscence is a short 6 minute 3D movie made by Celine Tricart in 2008 that has since won a few prizes in different 3D movie festivals, so you should take a look at it. The video is in Side by Side format, 1080p half horizontal resolution (squashed), so don’t forget to select 16:9 aspect ratio when opening it in the 3D Vision Video Player or the Stereoscopic Player. It is also available in YouTube 3D (the original version) and with embedded English subtitles for watching it directly online.

Download Reminiscence stereo 3D Shortmirror 1

And the same video, but with embedded English subtitles, since the audio is in French:
Download Reminiscence stereo 3D with subtitlesmirror 1

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  • 1 josh // Sep 19, 2010 at 23:53

    i noticed video descriptions always say “Side by Side format” when needed. in my nvidia player the option to pick side by side right image first and the option to pick side by side, left image first is available. how do i know which one to pick? will one make the video look better over the other?

    thanks for any help

  • 2 StarKnight // Sep 20, 2010 at 00:19

    If you invert left-right images you will notice it by yourself :-D
    Unfortunately there is not a standard when it comes to side-by-side or up-and-down stereo movies but all you need to do is pressing F7 while watching the movie if you see weird images.

  • 3 Matheus // Sep 20, 2010 at 04:26

    what is this short about?

  • 4 Bloody // Sep 20, 2010 at 11:37

    Most stereoscopic 3D videos in Side by Side format use left/right format and that is why unless the video is with right/left I don’t mention it by default.

    “XXIth century, a young man rediscovers a photographic laboratory forgotten by his ancestors. On 1854, same place, a dreamy young lady wishes to have a very particular portrait of herself…”

  • 5 Celine Tricart // Sep 20, 2010 at 18:55

    Hi everyone,
    just a small comment about my short film “Reminiscence”:
    you can also see it with english subtitles :
    (it seems that very few people here can actually speak french ;) )

  • 6 Bloody // Sep 20, 2010 at 19:11

    Thanks for the updated version with English subtitles ;)

  • 7 Thereisnomouse // Sep 21, 2010 at 04:01

    A must see ! : “Inner Fire” 3D : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYt89IcpsV0 from the same director.

  • 8 Fredz // Sep 21, 2010 at 18:23

    See there for more background on the story :

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