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The Cooling Performance of the Green Reactor 3D Test PC

July 13th, 2010 · 11 Comments · Other S3D Tech

As I’ve mentioned a few days ago the new Green Reactor 3D Test PC is ready and functioning with just a few minor things been tweaked and changed/fixed, mostly related to the appearance and not the functionality. And of course the good question that arises here is how well does the custom liquid cooling does its job in keeping the CPU and the VGA cool enough, so here are the temperatures of both. The two components are being cooled in a single loop with the water first going through the CPU and then through the GPU water block. For really stressing both main components I’m using LinX for the CPU and FurMark for the GPU running with everything to the max and even 32xAA active to really push the video card to the limit…

The processor being currently used is Intel Core i5 750, a quad-core CPU with idle temperature of about 34 degrees Celsius and it goes to around 50 degrees Celsius in about 20 minutes and stays at that temperature after that. This is with an ambient temperature of about 30 degrees Celsius and the fans not running at 100%, but at 60% instead to be really quiet, which still providing really good airflow and cooling performance.

The idle temperature of the GPU is around 42 degrees Celsius with 30 ambient temperature in in about an hour of serious load with FurMark its temperature rises up to 71-72 degrees Celsius max and pretty much stays there after that. If the cooling liquid did not go first through the CPU block and then through the GPU block the temperature could’ve been lower, but even this way it is still very good. Silent operation and around 25 degrees lower temperature as compared to the loud air cooling and the high working temperatures reached with the same level of high load otherwise. If staying at default working frequencies the voltage of the CPU could be further lowered while the card continues to operate flawlessly, up to something like 0.86V the temperature drops with about 10 degrees under maximum load of the GPU, and that is something that you should do if you do not intend to overclock the video card.

For the complete Building Process of the Water Cooled Green Reactor 3D Test PC is here…

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  • 1 Thomasjn // Jul 13, 2010 at 18:44

    Nice temprature readings!

    While having a room temprature of 30 degress, my GTX480 (with standard cooler) runs at 56 degress idle.
    And after playing Resident evil 5 in S3D ( amazing game in S3D) for about 30mins, my computer shut down from overheating.
    After that i enabled my MSI Afterburner Fan-profil, and it helped it to not overheat.
    The card were about 84 degress, with the fan spinning at a thundering 100% speed.
    It could be heard 2 rooms away ( which is about 15-20meters, + walls)
    I had to put on a headset(which actualy is hard with 3D-glass’s on) to hear the sounds from the game properly.
    But the noisy fan still killed the Horror feeling, which Resident Evil 5 gives.

    So by the fact that you have been able to lower the tempratures quite a lot, while reducing the noise also, it looks like you have done a really good job with the watercooling. :)

    I supose you are going to overclock that “sea-monster”? :P
    If so, im excited to see what results you can get from it :)

    By the way, i have been thinking abit.
    Since Watercooling kills two of the main problems from the GTX480 card, it seems to be a win win solution.
    But apart from the (high)price, there is a question which is troubling me: The power consumption.

    To compare Standard fan on the CPU & GPU (+ all chassis fans) vs. watercooling, will be hard, but a qualified guess could be just as good.

    A system with a GTX480 Fan that runs at 100%, and 5 chassis fans, + the CPU fan, will properly draw alot of power, because of all those fans.
    But how much power do you think watercooling draws, compared to standard/air ?

  • 2 Bloody // Jul 13, 2010 at 22:33

    I’ve played a bit with overclocking the CPU and the video card, I need some more time and I’ll post the results here. The GTX 480 overclocks pretty good with the water cooling keeping lower temperatures, however I still need to measure the performance gain after overclocking.

    Int the water cooling setup I use three additional fans which at 60% should not need more than lets say 4W total (5.4W at 100% according to specs). I have additional 18W of power usage by the water pump and probably 2-3W more for the Heatmaster controller. So lets say that the water cooling increases the power consumption by constant 25W, which is actually not that much, considering that overclocking the CPU or the GPU a bit can easily increase the power usage a few times more… ;)

    The total power consumption of the whole system under heavy load while playing in stereo 3D is around 320W + another 50W for the Samsung monitor when displaying 3D content.

  • 3 Thomasjn // Jul 13, 2010 at 23:23

    Just 320Watt for the computer? that actually sounds quite low :)
    I was afraid my computer were using 600Watt + at load :D, and the difrences between mine and yours is not that much.

    I have decided to rebuild my computer with a watercooling system as soon as possible.
    But since it actually can get quite expensive, i guess it will be around winter before i get the money for it.
    The temps should be better around then, since my room temprature will drop from 25-30 to 17-18, but a watercooling system would still take away all that noise. :)

    By the way, overclocking starts to sound expensive :)
    With that much power needed, and reduced “life-time” of the components, it can get expensive :)

  • 4 john // Jul 14, 2010 at 02:51

    quit boring us with this crap and come with some actual 3d news. sony just announced yesterday it is releasing the firmware for 3d bluray in september. start there. BORING!! quit bragging

  • 5 josh // Jul 14, 2010 at 08:07

    there is always someone like you. Bloody runs this website from his own good will, he can add to this website what ever he likes. (yes there a few advertisements on this website but they are not in the way of anything and they are for products people on this site would actually buy). i think this is one of the best if not the best blogs / forums about 3d in general and in the entire world and i am sure many other people would agree.

    congratulations on being the first true asshole on this website. by the way you seem to be the only bored person on this website. and just to brag this computer that is being written about with the 480 GTX does and will continue to shit on the PS3 when it comes to performance and quality of 3d gaming. i own and love my PS3 however i am just stating the obvious. not sure if ps3 3d bluray will be any different from pc 3d blu ray.

  • 6 josh // Jul 14, 2010 at 08:14

    Thomasjn – you mentioned a headset with glasses is annoying, i agree. i found the perfect solution , use a Astro mixamp, razer moray + (plus) earbuds, and an optical or coaxial cable for the mixamp and you will be in audio heaven. i have owned the tritton ax pros and astro a40 and a30 and honestly the razer moray plus headphones sound just as amazing as all the headsets i just mentioned. also they work with pc, as a pc mic, cell phone headset, mp3 player, psp, ds, and anything else that takes headphones.

  • 7 Bloody // Jul 14, 2010 at 11:40


  • 8 Thomasjn // Jul 14, 2010 at 11:59

    Thanks for the audio advice, Josh.

    But remmber, when you critizise the blog; bloody isnt getting paid for doing this, and he is doing it from his own good will.

    And i find his computer project quite intresting too, since it is related to 3D gaming on PC.
    Bloody will most likely be using that computer for “testing” new 3D games.
    And the users on this blog will be able to compare to his results, and see if their computer can run the game, and at what graphic settings.

    Another thing is the discussion about PS3(console) Vs. Pc gaming.
    Its 2 diffrent things, but there are some points where one is better then another.
    But when it comes to 3D, i would prefer a PC.
    My reasons:
    – PC graphics are ahead of Ps3 graphics, since its not possible to change the hardware in your Ps3.
    – Ps3 is ALOT cheaper then a 3D computer, but when it comes to the monitor/screen, a Ps3 screen / television, will make 3D gaming on Ps3 very expensive.
    – Games for Ps3 is more expensive then computer games, because the games are on a Blu-ray, not a DVD.

    But it depends what you like the most.. Some people love the controller for Ps3, and that Ps3 works (nearly) everytime.
    While computer has a different set of controls, and making a game work properly, can be a tough challenge.

    And i must admit; im not as pleased with my computer, as i thought i would be, its not so stable, and for nearly every game i install, i have to fix some settings and such, to make it work..

  • 9 Thomasjn // Jul 14, 2010 at 12:01

    And it seems like Bloody might be too fast with the news ;)

    Note to self and others: Use search function on the side before asking “why arnt the news about **** here yet”? :)

  • 10 josh // Jul 14, 2010 at 18:45

    Thomasjn – i never criticized Bloody for anything. it was someone with the name “john” who did the criticizing i own and love my ps3 for games like ratchet, uncharted games, gran turismo games, etc… however i just get every mulitplatform game on pc because they always look and run better (depending on your hardware).

    also i have set up a PS3 controller on pc and now play many pc games with it and it is fantastic! it just takes about 10 minutes of setting up for a game and that is it.

  • 11 khro // May 29, 2011 at 03:51

    air flow goes from outside to inner space ?

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