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120Hz LCD Samsung 2233RZ versus 60Hz LCD Benq G2220HD

August 23rd, 2009 · 3 Comments · Other S3D Tech

Here is the second video comparing the 120Hz Samsung 2233RZ LCD display with a 60Hz Benq G2220HD LCD display and in this video you can see bigger difference compared to the one comparing the LCD with CRT at 120 Hz. The freeze frames below are from the original video, before being compressed and uploaded to youtube, so that you can compare the detail level of frames displayed on both monitors. On the freeze frames you can clearly see the advantages of the 120Hz LCD panel – less ghosting on fast moving objects, less tearing of the image with vsync set to disabled and more fluid movement of the surrounding area when you are panning faster in the game.

Take a note of the lights in the back of the last freeze frame, they do seem tripled on the 120Hz Samsung and just doubled on the 60Hz Benq monitor. Now this is clearly visible only on stop frames, but when looking at the video it is more like an advantage than a disadvantage. The thing is that this “tripling” of the objects makes the movement more fluid and natural that the doubled version, where you are like skipping the central part and the image seems much more jumpy.

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  • 1 LCD Display guy // Jul 29, 2010 at 13:59

    Little hard to comment from watching a video on a 60Hz screen after it’s been through a camera. The stills help but I would definately want to see the difference first hand.

    Main thing that bothered me was that most games I run, run at lower than 60 fps anyway, would having 120Hz be able to make that much difference in that situation or would you be better off with a higher quality slower monitor?

  • 2 Bloody // Jul 29, 2010 at 14:59

    It might be still better to go for a 120Hz LCD, but here things are hard to decide and it is more up to the way you play and what games you play. The best will be just to try it yourself and see if your way of playing games can benefit from a 120Hz panel or not…

  • 3 LCD Displays // Mar 11, 2011 at 15:24

    I agree I think we would need to see both the monitors first hand as the above is a little hard to see much differences on a simple 60hz monitor.

    Now i am an online gamer myself and play a lot of BC2 and use to play counter strike 1.6 and css like the above is reviewed on, and i can tell you now, the quality on my screen is just as good if not better then the above as I have made sure to setup my game setting correctly on a 22″ 65hz lcd display.

    And to add to it I get 100fps on BC2 Vietnam with my current gaming rig so IMO a 60hz display is just fine and just as good as the 120hz going by the above article.

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