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Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland Game in Stereo 3D with 3D Vision

March 3rd, 2010 · 2 Comments · Stereo 3D Games

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland movie is just about to hit the 3D screens at the nearest cinema, two more days left until the premiere, but now I’m going to talk about the already available game based on the movie. Not that the movie is not something interesting to talk about and see for certain, because Tim Burton offers a completely different approach to the well know story about Alice – she has grown up and goes back to the Wonderland for a second time, but now she does not remember anything from here visit in this strange and vivid world. But besides that Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland movie is a must see title because it has been shot with normal 2D movie cameras and then later converted to 3D to be presented in 3D cinemas worldwide. It is expected that this movie will pave the way for way more old and new titles shot in 2D to be converted in 3D and screened and even released on Blu-ray 3D, that is of course if the movie has been really well converted…

But enough for the movie, lets talk a bit about the game based on it. Usually I’m not a big fan of games made to compliment a movie release as they are usually nothing special or even good playing if you are not a big fan of course. In the case of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland game I was also about to pass it up without trying it, but then decided to give it a quick try to see how good it works in stereoscopic 3D mode with 3D Vision. Imagine my surprise after the game started and it looked great in stereo 3D mode, even though there is no profile for 3D Vision, it seems the game does just fine even with the default settings providing mostly depth and a just a little bit of pop-out of the closest objects (you can play with convergence a bit if you want to). The game world is a quite detailed and looks simply great in stereo 3D mode with no graphics issues or serious ghosting to irritate you and you can even increase the depth level quite a lot if you can handle it. The only thing I did not like in the game was the control – very strange key mappings if you are going to play with a keyboard and no mouse support, meaning the game has been designed for consoles and ported, so it is better to be played with a joypad. Anyway, you can quickly get over this or remap the default keys, but i can live with that considering that it works great in S3D and simply looks astonishing, so don’t pass this one.

The game Alice in Wonderland is available at Amazon for just $19.99 USD…

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  • 1 3D-dOOd // Mar 5, 2010 at 00:39

    nICe i’LL HAve tO tRY ThIS oUT. (My Alice in Wonderland typing style there..)


  • 2 alice // Mar 13, 2010 at 13:54

    very nice

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