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Taking 3D Stereo Pictures with your iPhone

June 28th, 2009 · 1 Comment · Shooting in 3D


Taking stereo pictures of things generally is not an easy task, because it requires you to have a two lens camera ot two cameras that can shoot the same thing from a little bit different angles. But there are other ways to achieve the same result with things you probably already have like an iPhone, iPhone 3G or even the latest iPhone 3GS and an adequate application to help you get the job done. Now I’m talking about the 3D Camera application by Juicy Bits that I’ll be talking about and it’s alternative that is called iStereo3D from Knowledge Link Corporation (I think this one is Japanese, although it is available in English).


Both applications are designed to be used on iPhone and they give you the ability to take two images of the same object from different angle so that they can later be combined into a stereo image, anaglyph one or even a moving wiggle picture. You just need to take two shots of the same object or scene while moving a bit the phone between them (left and right eye images) and to achieve best results you better use the same distance you have between your two eyes. After you take the left and right eye images the program can combine them into anaglyph, stereo or wiggle image and after that saving them on the phone’s photo album or directly uploading them somewhere. If you create an anaglyph image you can later on view it on your phone or computer with a normal anaglyph glasses, but if you save it as a stereo image you can view it on youir PC with GeForce 3D vision’s shutter glasses for even better results. In order to do that, after you transfer the image from the iPhone on the PC you’ll have to rename the JPG file’s extension to JPS and you’ll be able to open it with Nvidia’s 3D Vision Photo Viewer. If you’ve shot the images in normal and not landscape position of the phone you may have to first rotate the picture, so that it will be in the correct position for viewing in 3D stereo. The only drawback you’ll have (at the moment) is that the resolution of the stereo images you’ll get is low and you cannot output the images in full screen with enough detail on a Samsung 2233RZ monitor for instance when using your 3D Stereo Vision. If you own an iPhone and are interested into stereo imaging you should definitely try these two programs, they are not available for free, but at just $1.99 each you won’t have to think about getting them both. There are even a few other similar applications available on iTunes AppStore, so you may also try them, for instance: 3DeeCamera, 3DeeVUsion, 3D Fuser, Cam 3D, TwinShot3D…

3D Camera for iPhone in AppStore (you need iTunes)…
The alternative iStereo3D for iPhone in AppStore (you need iTunes)…

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