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The 3DSteroid Now Supports 3D Displays on Android Smartphones

March 17th, 2012 · 1 Comment · Other S3D Tech

3DSteroid is an Android application written by Masuji Suto that allows you the easy taking, adjusting and saving stereoscopic 3D photos with a non-3D capable Android-based smartphone. The application uses the single camera available on pretty much any Android smartphone to guide you to take two photos and combine them into a 3D one and then view the 3D photos you’ve taken using multiple viewing methods. And now the latest version of the program also brings support for using the autostereoscopic 3D displays of 3D-capable smartphones such as the LG Optimus 3D, HTC EVO 3D and such, but still the software is not yet able to take advantage of the 3D cameras that some of these devices also have. The 3DSteroid application has two different versions, the normal one which is free and fully functional and the 3DSteroid Pro version that has some extra features. The Pro version allows the taking of higher resolution photos and also supports automatic adjustment for the two photos that are being combined into a stereoscopic 3D photo. Both versions are available on the Android market or as Google recently started calling it Google Play, just follow the links below for more information as Masuji Suto’s personal website hasn’t still been updated with the latest info about them.

For more information about the free 3DSteroid Android application…
For more information about the 3DSteroid Pro Android application…

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i3DCamera Free App For Taking Stereo 3D Photos With iPhone

October 30th, 2011 · No Comments · GeForce 3D Vision

i3DCamera is another application from Masuji Suto for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices equipped with a camera for quickly and easily taking stereo 3D photos with automatic alignment. The i3DCamera can be considered as a much simpler version of i3DSteroid by the same author, because in the latest version 1.2 it also got support for automatic alignment. i3DCamera however is available for free and is only intended for taking photos in 3D (taking two photos with a little offset) with auto alignment and the ability to save the resulting 3D photo in Side by Side format or send it for further manipulation in the i3DSteroid application if you have it installed as well on your iDevice. The i3DSteroid application has much more features and can be yours for just $0.99 USD.

To download and try the i3DCamera stereo 3D photo appliation from the App Store…

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i3DSteroid is a Stereoscopic 3D Photo App for iPhone and iPod touch

October 1st, 2011 · 5 Comments · Other S3D Tech

There are already a lot of applications for iPhone and iPod touch (should also work on iPad tablets) available on the App Store that are intended for making and viewing stereoscopic 3D photos on your device, so what sets apart the i3DSteroid? Well, the fact that its author Masuji Suto is a well known name in the stereoscopic 3D community and that the program is easy to use and offers pretty much all that you need for easy taking, adjusting and saving stereoscopic 3D photos with the help of the 2D camera of your iDevice. You can consider the i3DSteroid application as the mobile version for iPhone of the StereoPhoto Maker software that you may already be using on your PC. Taking 3D photos is easy as just taking two photos with a slight shift of the device in between and you have a visual guide displayed from the first photo when taking the second one, so if you are careful enough you can easily get good results in 3D. But don’t worry, if you don’t take the two photos perfectly aligned you have adjustment controls to improve the result right from your iPhone and then you can save and view the photo in multiple viewing formats. Of course since neither the iPhone or the iPod touch have a 3D-capable display you’d probably use one of the supported anaglyph viewing methods and use a pair of anaglyph 3D glasses, but you can transfer the photos from the mobile device to the PC and view the Side by Side photos with 3D Vision or another such 3D-capable solution for best results. The i3DSteroid application is not available for free, but for just $0.99 USD instead on the AppStore and don’t forget that you will be supporting the author when you get it, so that he can continue developing his stereo 3D tools.

For more information about the i3DSteroid 3D photo application by Masuji Suto…

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