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The Game CSI: Deadly Intent in Stereoscopic 3D

November 7th, 2009 · 1 Comment · Stereo 3D Games


CSI: Deadly Intent is just another game based on the popular Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) series and more specifically on the 9th season of course featuring some of the new characters like Ray Langston and Riley Adams. In the game you are going to play a forensic expert aiding the police detectives in investigating different crime scenes and helping them solve the case and find the culprit. So far everything sound nice and interesting and I’m saying that as a fan of the CSI series, but the games they make based on them are not what you’d normally expect as is the case with the new title too…


Here I’m talking about the stylized style of graphics the games uses, not very detailed characters and models and they are tying to pass this as a game based on a TV series. Something seems a bit off to me, especially having in mind that you need to solve cases related to murders and other crimes, collect evidence in the crime scene and so on. But not having a good and realistic graphics to add to the atmosphere kind of ruins the experience playing the game, that besides the graphics is actually quite good. But here comes stereoscopic 3D with the help of GeForce 3D Vision to make the game a bit more attractive and realistic…


Adding a bit of depth to the game atmosphere by using 3D Vision you sure get it more attractive and kind of compensate for the lack of more realistic graphics. And the good thing is that the game does not require some special settings in order to be played in stereoscopic 3D, you can just adjust a bit the depth level to suite your personal preferences and that is it. The only possible issue you might notice is the mouse cursor that stays in 2D, meaning it is always in front of other objects, making it a bit harder to point at some things that are more deep in the scene.


Now what would’ve been even nicer is to get this game with a more realistic graphics and to be able to enjoy it in stereoscopic 3D to make a real hit title, but anyway. If you got the game already and have 3D Vision or any other stereoscopic 3D setup available you should try CSI: Deadly Intent with it as this will get you to enjoy the game even more and play it to the end without getting bored.

- Get the game CSI: Deadly Intent here if you don’t have it yet…

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FRAPS 3.0.0 is Now Recoding Stereoscopic 3D Videos Too

November 6th, 2009 · 2 Comments · GeForce 3D Vision


You should be aware of the program FRAPS if you ever benchmarked a game, needed an FPS counter in real time regardless of the 3D application, wanted to record an in-game video footage of you playing or just taking some screenshots. Just have in mind that FRAPS is a commercial application that will cost you $37, but there is a free trial version that you can try for free first to see if it will do what you need.
Nevertheless FRAPS is a very useful application and it just got an update to version 3.0.0 getting some new and very nice features, even for the Stereoscopic 3D community, so we should thank its author for that. I’m talking about the new ability to record stereoscopic 3D content right while you are playing your game with Nvidia’s GeForce 3D Vision (officially) and it seems that it also works with iZ3D’s drivers. It seems that so far you can only record games using DirectX9 (D3D9), but you’ll be getting a video recording with side by side frames for the left and right eye that can be later on played with a stereoscopic 3D player. But besides the new and interesting ability to record S3D videos, FRAPS 3.0.0 also comes with some nice new features, so here is what is new…

3.0.0 – 5th Nov 2009
- DirectX 11 support
- Compatible with Windows 7 final (RTM) and RC1 versions
- Stereoscopic 3D Vision video capture up to 1920×1200 for D3D9 games
- Force lossless RGB option to always capture video in pure form
- Ability to mix both game sound and external input such as microphone (Vista/Win7 only)

P.S. The only drawback, especially if you want to record S3D video in full resolution is the additional drop in framerate you’ll get, so be prepared to push your PC to its limits (and probably do an upgrade) in order to produce HD videos in stereoscopic 3D side by side format. ;)

- To download and try the new FRAPS version 3.0.0…

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iZ3D Display Drivers 1.10 Final are Available

November 4th, 2009 · No Comments · GeForce 3D Vision


The guys from iZ3D have released the final version of their universal drivers that do not support only iZ3D’s displays, but a lot of other solutions for preparing a stereoscopic 3D setup, including even a free anaglyph mode. The final 1.10 version comes after a few release candidates and it not only contains some new profiles for games, but also a lot of improvements and fixes… still nothing new about the shutter mode though. This means that all the owners of eMagin Z800 and a few other HMDs and other setups will still have to wait for the next driver version, supposedly 2.0 that should have a lot of improvements in the shutter support. Anyway, here is what is new in the iZ3D 1.10 Final Drivers:

Version 1.10 – 2009.11.04
[+]Added Batman Arkham Asylum, Settlers II, Need for Speed Shift, G-Force, Section 8,
Majesty 2, Allods Online, Killing Floor, Guitar Hero 3, Guitar Hero World Tour,
Serious Sam 2, Flight Simulator 2004, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, Left 4
Dead 2 profile.
[+]Added tables for new glasses.
[+]Added new key DrawMonoImageOnSecondMonitor, that replace additional Side By Side
output modes.
[+]Added new key ScreenshotType (0 – JPG, 1 – PNG, 2 – BMP).
[!] Improved handling Anti-Alaising on ATI videocards.
[!] Improved shader analyzing for some new games.
[!] Minor driver optimization.
[!] Improved internal profile system (new attribute ConvergenceShift).
[f] Resource leak fixed.
[f] Some D3D8 errors fixed, that cause Last Chaos crash.
[f] Smoke in Tom Clancy H.A.W.X fixed.
[f] G-Force crash on NVidia fixed.
[f] Flatout UC sky fixed.
[f] Interface in Sexy Beach fixed.
[f] Motion blur in Dirt fixed.
[f] Mirror’s Edge profile fixed.
[f] In-game menu in Ghostbusters fixed.
[f] Crash in Ghostbusters by Alt+Tab fixed.
[f] Stereo YouTube feature fixed.
[f] Over/under mode fixed.
[f] Driver statistic fixed when FPS off.

- To download the New iZ3D 1.10 Final Drivers…

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