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 Post subject: Re: New build, wondering which card to get
PostPosted: 11 Dec 2011, 16:02 

09 Nov 2011, 03:11
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Mik wrote:
Thanks again for the advice, maker. Though I have now got all the bits together, all that's missing is the GPU.
I'm finding it really hard to justify getting a 570 as the 480 has now come down in price to at or below the 560. I'm not bothered by the heat, noise or increased power needs of the 480, just a little concerned that my Corsair 750W may not be enough if I decide to go SLI with it later on. I have heard horror stories that the 570 is not as overclockable, that the VRM's can self destruct and that it is made with cheaper components than the 480. Any truth in these?
They seem to be fairly equal in performance, with the only real differences being faster FP16 rate and better z-cull efficiency in the 570. Hard to find evidence, but would these make much difference in games?
The extra VRAM could be a bonus as I intend to run games with high-texture packs as well.

Conversely, I just tried to run Metro 2033 on my 8800GTS at 1920x1080, "Very High" graphics setting and 3D Vision at medium depth. Going through the prelude to about the point where the monsters circle the main character outside the tower, I got a constant framerate in the mid-teens to the twenties. Didn't go any further as I was quite honestly amazed that my card was capable of this, though it may be a different story with a DX11 card as the extra effects might be quite a large hit.

If anyone could help with this minefield of a decision between a 480 or 570, I'd very much appreciate it :)

i would go with a single EVGA GTX 570 SC. i'm running 2 of these in sli i haven't regret it buying them.

the fact if a motherboard supports 16x 16x or 16x 8x on the pcie slots doesn't really matter sinds the amount of fps loss on a 8x slot compared to a 16x slot is minimum and not noticeable.

reason why i would pick the gtx 570 above the gtx 480
1. power comsumption compared to the 480
2. heat level compared to the 480
3. noise level compared to the 480

reason why i would pick the gtx 480 above the gtx 570
1. it's amount of vram compared to the 570

however so far i haven't run into a vram issue during any game i have played
this includes metro 2033, BF3, Lost Planet 2, Dirt 3, etc.

my 2 cents: go with a EVGA GTX 570 SC (or a different brand if you prefer that). and get a second one later on if there will be some more demanding games on the market.

 Post subject: Re: New build, wondering which card to get
PostPosted: 12 Dec 2011, 10:55 

27 Jul 2010, 10:37
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Mik wrote:
Hi all,

As I'm getting parts together for my new i5 2500k system, I've come up against a slight problem in which Nvidia card to get, either -

GTX 570
GTX 580

As I'm going to be playing mostly fps's, rpg's and space sims in 1920x1080 with all settings at preferably max, I've found concrete data to be rather elusive. Max amount I'd spend would be £300-£400, and I'd like it to be reasonably future proof for about 3 years or so. Atm, I'm leaning towards the 2x 460's.
Don't know if it'll make a difference, but I'll be using the LG W2363D, unless the GN245HQ is released in the interim.
If anyone could help, it would be great.
Also, don't know if there's any confirmation to this, but I read that there would be more incompatibilities with 3D Vision if I chose an AMD processor over Intel. Could be just Intel fanboy scuttlebutt though.


This might be of some use ... ce+GTX+470

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