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Double vision when using 3D
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Author:  Oersted [ 21 Jun 2013, 15:07 ]
Post subject:  Double vision when using 3D

I must start saying that I'm really new to 3D, I just got my first 3D TV and I have just tryed gaming for a bit. I have noticed that, even if I have no problems with 3D Blurays, I see double using nvidia 3D vision, at least while gaming. I've seen that instead of displaying an image for each eye, every game displayes both images for both eyes. They display for the left eye the "left view" plus "the right view" with low opacity, and the the oposite for the right eye. Because of that, the view is really blurry and it really tires my sight. Is this normal? Is there any way to configure it so that it displayes only an image for each eye?

(I hope you understood what I said, English is not my main language)

After googleing for a couple of hours I can most surely say that the issue I mentioned is called ghosting. I'm aware that there is a post in the blog about it, however, my issue is different. The ghost images appear allways, not only on contrasting objects, and I think that my issue is much more accentuated.

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