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The 3D Experience Event on Times Square [ended]
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Author:  Bloody [ 10 May 2010, 16:33 ]
Post subject:  The 3D Experience Event on Times Square [ended]


The first annual “The 3D Experience” event will be held for 3 days, between September 24th and 26th, throughout Times Square in New York (just the right place for that…). The event will be free to the public and will include screenings of 3D Hollywood blockbusters, including one of the largest, outdoor 3D screenings to be ever made. The 3-day program will feature a huge "3D showroom" lit-up with 3D technology and products for the home including video games, Blu-ray players, 3D HD TVs, all in a modern living-room like setting. But "The 3D Experience" will also be the place with all of the top innovators, industry leaders and filmmakers gathered at the same time to showcase the latest advances in 3D for 2010 and beyond. The organizers expect the attendance of the event to be in excess of 75,000, including virtually every major industry player, avid consumers, and to also get the attention of nearly 2 million in daily visitors to Times Square.

The beauty of The 3D Experience in Times Square is that no other event in the world brings together major Hollywood studios, theaters, game publishers, consumer electronics manufacturers and consumers. Not only will these great minds be together, but the "passionate" public can’t get this type of experience anywhere else in the world. Our goal is to showcase the future of digital 3D and support the transition of this technology into theaters and into the homes of consumers.

The 3D Experience for the Industry: Since 3D has emerged as a key new profit center for operators, filmmakers and technology companies, the event will also cater to entertainment professionals, marketers, producers, creatives and more. The executive forum, lead by leaders in their field, will bring the most in-depth discussions of this radical new technology right to the stage. Professional demonstrations, networking sessions, and promotion opportunities will also be on hand.

The 3D Experience for the Public: For the first time, the consumer will learn about the 3D content and technology to come, free of charge. Guests will be introduced to "hands on" demonstrations, product reviews and content creation from all around the world. They will also be among the first invited to the screenings of Hollywood’s newest 3D movies. And the specialized 3D Showroom will take visitors into the world of 3D where they can explore this new technology and have all their questions answered by the people that actually can do that.

There is still a lot of information about the event to be made available, including the official program, but that should happen as the the date of the event gets closer to us. Meanwhile if you can’t wait until September, you can also check out for some other events covering stereo 3D technology that will happen sooner, and there are quite a few of these.

- Visit the The 3D Experience official website for more information…

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