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gtx680 hdmi to dell s300w, no CRT option
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Author:  MichalMichal [ 13 Mar 2014, 14:17 ]
Post subject:  gtx680 hdmi to dell s300w, no CRT option

Hi All
I'm new here on forum, so hello to all.
Got some problem with my 3D setup,
in past I was using notebook HP 8730w with nvidia quadro fx3700m, hdmi output to dell s300w, + 3d vision kit with IR emitter USB + nvidia glasses,
I was using always CRT option in nvidia panel, all was working great in 3d!

Now I said to my self - time to change for something better,
so I build new PC, got nvidia gtx680 2gb reference model,

did setup, gtx680 -> hdmi output to dell s300w ... and got problem,
in nvidia panel there is no option for CRT, only what i got is 3d vision discover (my IR usb emitter is connected to PC)

So my question is, how to setup nvidia panel to get back option for CRT ?
or there is other method how to "tell" nvidia that I got 3d capable projector.

Author:  MichalMichal [ 18 Mar 2014, 10:49 ]
Post subject:  Re: gtx680 hdmi to dell s300w, no CRT option

Hi All
small update
what I did so far to get back CRT option was to use method from this forum and I created VGA cable with removed PIN,
CRT option is back, but got other problem,
windows see my projector as Acer but in nvidia control panel it's presented as analog device,
I can't create custom resolutions, need to create 1280x720 120fps
When I trying to create custom profile I can put all options but then when I need to do TEST I see "can't setup custom resolution, not supported" (something like that)

Any body know how to pass that error ?

3D atm is working but only with 3D stereoscopic player, can't setup like power dvd or TMT, both apps don't see 3d vision ready device

Author:  MichalMichal [ 24 Mar 2014, 09:26 ]
Post subject:  Re: gtx680 hdmi to dell s300w, no CRT option

So I solved my problem to have 3D via Dell s300w + nvidia 3dvision kit + ampli to be able to play audios in HD standard
I'm using:
gtx680 reference model
- dvi->d-sub cable with removed edid pin's ( found solution here on this forum)
- nvidia drivers 314.07 (didn't tried others, so don't know if others working)
- hdmi gtx680 - hdmi ampli (only for sound)
- manually installed INF file about Acer h5360 (from this forum)

In control panel I'm changing to 720p, (projector is running already 3D capable option)
I'm opening nvidia control panel with 3D setup, then first I selecting 3D TV, running nvidia test And I see red text about that DLP link is not setup properly,
then I'm switching to CRT monitor and save.

Without that stupid step with select 3D TV and then CRT I'm not able to run 3D properly.

In windows I'm selecting HDMI as audio output
Did check with TMT and powerdvd and for both players I can play in 3D *.iso movies

Author:  MichalMichal [ 14 Apr 2014, 21:23 ]
Post subject:  Re: gtx680 hdmi to dell s300w, no CRT option

small update,
all is working OK even with latest nvidia drivers 335.23, i have got CRT option :)

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