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 Post subject: VESA Stereo port on Acer X1130P - with nVidia glasses?
PostPosted: 27 Dec 2011, 01:12 

27 Dec 2011, 00:56
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Hi all, sorry this is long!

For Christmas my wife got me (us) 4 pairs of the Maplin PC 3D Glasses which are - so far - completely compatible with the first generation nVidia 3D Vision glasses, and great at £160 (approx $250) for all 4 pairs. One extra special feature is that the transmitter uses radio frequency instead of Infra-Red, so I could hide it away on the PC without needing any line of sight. You can pair multiple glasses with one transmitter, even though each pair came with it's own.

I am using an Acer X1130P Projector which was bought 2 years ago, wasn't bought for it's 3D capability but pleased to find it did it, and a GTS 450 card, and all is great - I bought the full version of Stereoscopic Player because I found the nVidia one would not play some MKV files and some MPEG4 TransportStream recordings from 3D TV. So far so good, 3D is fun :)

One thing that got me curious though, is the presence of the "Sync In" port on the back of the transmitter, which I understand takes a "VESA Stereo" cable to connect to a corresponding port on the back of the projector. I see nVidia sell it for about $10.

Can anyone confirm what doing this would achieve - would this then allow me to play 3D content, such as Blu-Ray or 3D TV or other 3D recordings from a hard-disk based media player that I have, through the Composite port of the aforementioned projector (it only has Composite, S-Video and VGA in), and use the same glasses? Is this what the "DLP 3D" setting on the Projector does? Does the projector send sync signals to the transmitter which in turn passes it to the glasses (presumably the PC has to be on for this even if only to power the transmitter)?

If not, what other ways can I use this projector to watch 3D - are there other glasses that are compatible and what video sources can the Projector run 3D from apart from the PC? I am not a 3D gamer (yet), just a movie watcher.

It would be much easier to use an alternative source to the PC - especially as every time I want to use it I have to make the Projector the main monitor (currently it is Monitor 2) which shuffles all my icons about and upsets my Monitor 1 (an LG LCD at 1920x1080 connected by HDMI).


 Post subject: Re: VESA Stereo port on Acer X1130P - with nVidia glasses?
PostPosted: 27 Dec 2011, 22:04 
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29 Apr 2010, 17:51
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Using non-PC based 3D output to the projector could be a bit problematic as this projector expects frame sequential input for 3D content and as far as I know there isn't any decent standalone HD-capable multimedia player that supports frame sequential 3D output. Actually there are even very few that do support 3D playback and that refers to outputting using HDMI 1.4 frame packaged 3D output which would also require a projector that supports such input. Most standalone video players are pretty much capable of playing up to 1920x1080 Side by Side or Over/Under with half horizontal or vertical resolution respectively (squashed) with devices that have such support and that can be manually switched on by the user such as 3D HDTVs.

Using the VESA Stereo connector on the projector is intended for connecting external transmitters for 3D glasses that are not directly supported by the projector, so anything other besides DLP Link active shutter glasses needs to be synchronized either by the player or by connecting it to this port on the projector. The glasses you have may work when connected to it (they would still require USB power) without the need of a PC, but as I've said it could be problematic in finding a suitable external player for 3D content.

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