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Author:  JoDo [ 02 Nov 2010, 05:20 ]
Post subject:  blog posts and comments as forum threads

Maybe this is already done, and I'm not aware of it, but I was wondering if the blog posts could also be forum threads. How I envision this working is that blog posts stay as they are now, but are double-posted or cross-linked as threads in one of the forums. Blog Comments to a specific blog post, which are anonymous, have an 'anonymous' tag attributed to them, and are double-posted, or cross-linked as responses to the original post in the forum thread. Responses from forum members don't have to go back into the comments section of the blog on the normal 3dvision-blog, if keeping the current blog-comment system on the main page intact is desireable. Else, responses from the forum could be cross-linked or double-posted back into the comments thread on the main page as well, to keep all discussion coherent on the forum. The main reason I'm suggesting this is that it seems 1, the discussion in the comments is lost or stifled due to their lack of cohesion to other comment threads from other blog posts, 2- the (comment) threads are pushed significantly downwards with each new blog post and eventually off of the page altogether after a few days at maximum, 3- not every anonymous comment poster is a forum member and vice versa, 4- i cannot edit mistakes i make in comments :lol: . Another benefit I see is that it maybe will lure people into creating accounts, which would apply to the forum, and thus increase forum activity.

Author:  Bloody [ 02 Nov 2010, 18:58 ]
Post subject:  Re: blog posts and comments as forum threads

The forum started about a year after the blog and its idea was not to duplicate the contents of the blog, but to kind of extend it and allow more user interaction on other topics besides the ones posted in the blog, as a single person cannot cover everything ;)

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