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anaglyph wire scupltures?
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Author:  kenwshmt [ 13 Jan 2011, 04:11 ]
Post subject:  anaglyph wire scupltures?

anaglyph wire scupltures?

I was looking through some of the 3d printed stuff made to order on the shapeways site, I saw this and was wondering about the potential to make a 3d wireframe anaglyph sculpture.

I may tinker something together and have them print it for me.
Think of something like a mesh, or chain link fence, where segments are in different colors, viewed through colored glasses gives it depth.
yes, redundant.. but thats art.



Author:  Bloody [ 13 Jan 2011, 13:23 ]
Post subject:  Re: anaglyph wire scupltures?

It is an interesting idea, let us know how well it goes...

Author:  riverleigh [ 29 Mar 2012, 01:07 ]
Post subject:  Re: anaglyph wire scupltures?

It's probably a silly question, but what would become of the sculpture with 3d glasses?
Can an existing three-dimensional object be experienced differently using anaglyph technology?

Author:  Bloody [ 29 Mar 2012, 08:51 ]
Post subject:  Re: anaglyph wire scupltures?

Well, for example you may be getting contradicting information and having trouble figuring the actual volume of the object, because the physical properties of the object may tell one thing and the information coming from the color filters of the glasses may suggest different one.

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