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 Post subject: Rules for using the forum at the 3D Vision Blog website
PostPosted: 30 Apr 2010, 23:57 
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29 Apr 2010, 17:51
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I. By registering on the forum you declare that you agree with the following rules:

1.1 You are going to choose a username, avatar and signature are not intended to insult / criticize / advertise another member or a company / forum / website / (other). They should also not contain a political, racist or pornographic nature or contain scenes of violence and images of well known public figures (unless an administrator has no objections to that).

1.2 You are not going to use a signature, which exceeds four lines of text at a resolution of 1024x768 pixels, displayed with a larger than normal font size for the forum and / or contains more than 255 characters. The signature may contain information in text format without graphics. Signatures not meeting these requirements may be removed or edited.

1.3 You will not register more than one username in the forum. If you have more than one registration this will be considered as an attempt to mislead / cheat other users of the forum. In the case of multiple registrations the username of the same user with fewer posts will be disabled, but it is also possible for both usernames to be banned.

1.4 To respect other users of the forum. Any abusive language and direct insults / threats will be considered as a violation, resulting in the deletion or edition of the post. Users continuing to use insults / threats to other participants will be permanently banned. Obscene words will be replaced with "*" character or the whole posts will be deleted.

1.5 To write only in English language. The forum is visited by people from around the world and writing in English will ensure that everyone should be able to understand you. Comments from users who refuse to write in English will be edited or removed.

1.6 You will not write posts, written entirely in capital letters, or with letters larger than the standard font for the forum or in bold, which according to "netiquette" will be considered as "shouting", also in completely different color than the standard text for the forum. Such comments will be edited or removed in cases of repeated misconduct. It is only permitted to use these to emphasis on certain parts of the text like for example certain words in capital letters, larger size, different color or bold font.

1.7 You will not put links in your posts or in the signature, whose description does not correspond to the contents of the page they link to. It is forbidden to post misleading links or links containing advertising, leading to illegal content, pornography or scenes of violence or other illegal / unethical materials. Posts / signatures, containing such links will be edited or removed.

1.8 You will formulate the titles of topics in a way that helps the readers to understand the what is contained in the post. Otherwise, the post may be renamed, closed or deleted by moderator or administrator. If you want to have a personal discussion with another user in the forum you should consider using personal messages.

1.9 You will stick as closely as possible to the questions discussed in the topics. If particularly large deviations of responses from the initial idea of the topic are observed the topic can be divided into two or more parts.

1.10 You will not create new threads without looking for recent ones already available on the same topic by using the search function of the forums. You should not "revive" topics that are too old and already outdated, in such case you better create a new one.

1.11 You will not open the same topic in more than one section of the forum, you should carefully choose the most suitable place to post, otherwise it can be moved to another place by a moderator or administrator.

1.12 You will not create topics that are against existing laws or which are considered racist or discriminatory in nature, with a political characteristics, with suggestions to do crimes, personally or socially dangerous actions, containing advertising, information on illegal software, pornographic or scenes of violence. Such posts will be removed from the forum.

1.13 You will not change the content of your post after it has been edited by a moderator or administrator. Such actions would be considered rude disregard for the rules of the forum and you can get a severe punishment, including a permanent ban. If the actions of the moderator and users have occurred simultaneously, then resolution can be found through personal communication.

1.14 You will not post personal information for another user or company / forum / site / (other) without having first having their consent. Such actions would be considered rude disregard for the rights of personal privacy and you can be banned, and the topics / posts will be removed.

1.15 Often repeated posts with the same content, content deviating from the topic or topics in content away from the section where they should be, will be considered as SPAM. Such posts / topics will be removed and their authors will be officially warned. If there are signs of intentionally doing so, the username of the person will be permanently banned.

1.16 Posts for selling / buying things should be posted only in the respective Buying/Selling Section of the forum. Posts in other sections of the forum containing ads for buying and selling things or links leading to such will be removed or moved in the appropriate section.

1.17 The comments in the forums are left voluntarily, and contributed for free to everyone. Their authors may not require compensation for texts published in any form. Contributions may be edited by the author pursuant to the terms described in section 1.13 and 2.4 in these Forum Rules. The authors cannot require the removal of their posts from the forum in the event of a decision not to participate anymore in them. All posts from the forums can be freely copied and reproduced without commercial purposes, but only in case a link or mention of the original author and publication are provided. The forum owner and the team is not responsible for the accuracy of information that the users of the forum publish in it.

II. Other conditions, recommendations and important information

2.1 In order to be able to write in the forum a registration is required. Valid user names are with a minimum 3 and maximum of 20 characters in length. Registration requires a valid e-mail address and providing a confirmation by clicking on the link you'll receive in a confirmation message. The registration of two or more usernames with the same e-mail address is not allowed, the usage by two or more people of one username is also forbidden.

2.2 Registered usernames may expire after a long periods of inactivity, this can happen if you have not logged in the forum for more than 1 year. But even if your username gets deactivated because of inactivity, your posts will not be removed.

2.3 Each participant in the forum (whose participation is not contradicting the rules of the forum or the laws of the country) is ensured the right of access to the forum, freedom of opinion and protection of personal dignity and confidentiality. IP addresses of participants are recorded in the log of the forum, but not shown publicly or shared with third parties.

2.4 The posts in the forum may be edited by their authors. It is however not allowed to change the posts that already have responses by other members after them. It is also not allowed for the same user to write successive posts, if you forgot to type something in the previous post just edit.

2.5 Each participant may set its own avatar that meets the requirements in paragraph 1.1 of the Rules of the Forum. Avatars must be with maximum resolution of 96x96 pixels and the file size must not exceed 30KB. It is not recommended "steal" the avatars of other participants in the forum...

2.6 Discussions about the work of administrators and moderators is prohibited. Posts with similar content will be removed from the forum, and violators will be punished. Proposals about the forum can be made only in the appropriate place which is the About the Forum section.

2.7 The file size of images that you include in posts should not exceed 100KB in size and 800 pixels in width. If you want to include lager graphic files than you better use a thumbnail with a link or just post a text link to the big image.

2.8 Instead of publishing long texts in posts that are copy-pasted from the Internet, it is preferable to just post links to the original publication place. The same should be applied when you want to attach a big file to a post and the file is already available for download over the Internet.

2.9 The forum is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Days and hours of longer taking maintenance, updating / changing the forum software or backup of the database associated with the need to stop the forum will be announced in advance for all participants.

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