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 Post subject: Acer Aspire 3D Laptop [Passive Polarization]
PostPosted: 05 May 2010, 11:52 
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29 Apr 2010, 17:51
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Acer Aspire AS-5738DG (664G50Mn) was actually this the first S3D-capable laptop that I've seen and tried and I can say that what I've seen with this one was pretty good, especially considering that the price of this particular Acer model is quite attractive. With this laptop you get passive polarized glasses and actually there are two pairs in the package with the laptop - one pair of normal sunglasses type and another one that is designed to clip on to a normal pair of glasses, for the people that need to wear prescription glasses. At first the sunglasses type seemed a little bit smaller to me, like it was designed to be worn by Asians only, but it turns out to be pretty comfortable and durable, which is also very important thing here. Anyway, if you are considering getting this laptop, you better try the glasses first if possible to be sure they will fit you right, just in case. I was not very happy with the provided ATI Radeon 4570 video card in this model, because it is not fast enough to handle more serious games in stereo 3D, but fortunately Acer has also released a new model 5740D 3D that uses a much faster ATI Radeon 5650 GPU...

The laptop comes bundled with DDD's TriDef solution and the first time you run the TriDef software you'll be presented with a setup screen to adjust your laptop in the best possible position in order to fully experience the depth effect. This means that you need to be viewing your laptop’s screen from at least 60 centimeters, which usually is around the normal distance you'll be using it and to adjust the angle of the display. You'll be doing that with the polarized glasses on, looking to the red roses, which should be visible with the perception of depth, so moving back and forth the screen you'll need to find the angle at which the effect is at its best. For me personally this presented a bit of an issue, because the actual angle of the screen with the best stereoscopic effect seems to allow just about 10-15 degrees of freedom, otherwise I start to loose the depth and in turn see a little bit of ghosting around the objects presented in S3D. This is a little bit annoying, but I guess that after some time of use you'll be able to naturally find the best position of the screen for the optimum effect and it won't be an issue anymore.

With the polarized screen and glasses that you are going to wear there is a little bit of a disadvantage in terms of the technology that is being used, compared to some other solutions, although it also has some advantages too. The biggest disadvantage is that when in S3D mode you are going to "loose" half of the vertical resolution in order to achieve the depth effect. Now this is not that bad as you may think it is, because for watching movies and looking through some pictures while in stereoscopic 3D mode they will still look very nice, especially if you increase a bit the distance between you and the screen. But when we are talking about playing games in stereoscopic 3D it might be more problematic, because things like smaller text for instance becomes harder to read and maybe even impossible at times and also some finer details might not be that apparent to you. Still gaming in S3D is very nice and interesting even with this more affordable solution and most of the people that see stereoscopic 3D in action for the first time are really very impressed. The few demo videos and pictures that do come pre-installed on the laptop seemed very nice to look at, but it is a bit of a shame that Acer did not think of also bundling some sort of a game that looks nice in S3D with the laptop...

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- Acer Aspire AS-5738DG 3D is currently available with a price of $751 USD...

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 Post subject: Re: Acer Aspire 3D Laptop [Passive Polarization]
PostPosted: 02 Apr 2011, 08:38 

02 Apr 2011, 08:22
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I love to have this model. Acer for me is a good brand and this model is sick.

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