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VG278HE - DVI-D Dual Link to mini Display Port Adapter
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Author:  xiwanm [ 12 Dec 2013, 06:53 ]
Post subject:  VG278HE - DVI-D Dual Link to mini Display Port Adapter

Hi guys,

First, if this thread is not in the right place, please relocate it.

I am a happy owner of a ASUS G750JX notebook.
Every website I visited claimed this laptop was 100% compatible with 3Dvision.
I bought it through am..on, just to find out that 2 versions of the same laptop/model exist : one with a 3dvision compatible screen and one which is not...

So, I decided to buy a compatible screen, an ASUS VG278HE.
The official website clearly states that "*VG278HE supports NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 through connection of Dual-link DVI."

As my laptop does not have a native DVI port, I need to use an adapter.
The laptop possess VGA, HDMI and Mini Display port.
I was told that VGA and HDMI does not support 3Dvision.

So I guess my only option is to get a DVI-D Dual link to mini Display port adapter.
However, looking through the threads of this forum, I have seen users recommending an externally power supplied one.
As I live in Latin America, I dont have easily access to this kind of adapter.
I was thinking in adquiring this one, but I m not sure it will actually work, as it does not have external power supply.

I understand the purpose of this forum is not to advertise products, but I would like to be sure to buy an adapter which does actually work.
I have also found this thread which also worries me.

1 - Can anyone confirm that a DVI-D Dual link to mini Display port adapter is my only option ?

2 - If the answer to the previous question is yes, can anyone confirm that the adapter I was going to buy will or will not work ?

3 - If the answer to the previous question is no, I would really appreciate any model/brand suggestion.

Beforehand, thanks

Author:  Bloody [ 12 Dec 2013, 23:41 ]
Post subject:  Re: VG278HE - DVI-D Dual Link to mini Display Port Adapter

Active DP to Dual-Link DVI adapter is what you need and your only option, note the active and the dual link part, because the one you have linked does not seem to meet any of these two requirements and this makes it not capable of providing 1080p at 120Hz or 1080p 3D mode with 60Hz per eye. Have in mind though that some people have reported having issues with some active DP to DL-DVI adapters for use with a 3D monitor.

But before actually buying an adapter there is one important thing that you need to verify and that is if your laptop will be able to use 3D Vision at all, and it just might not be judging by the post in the Nvidia forums you have also linked. If the laptop features support for the Nvidia Optimus technology the chances are that it will simply not work with an external 3D monitor and 3D Vision as these two technologies are pretty much incompatible. What you need to do is install the 3D Vision driver and see if in the Nvidia Control Panel you will get a Stereoscopic 3D panel available (only anaglyph support with no 3D Vision IR emitter connected). If you don't get the Stereoscopic 3D panel and your laptop uses Optimus technology then unfortunately you are out of luck with 3D Vision support.

Author:  DukeWellington [ 15 Dec 2013, 01:23 ]
Post subject:  Re: VG278HE - DVI-D Dual Link to mini Display Port Adapter

Hey, I'm the OP from the linked thread. This issue also concerns me so I appreciate support as well. As it turns out, luckily, the G750JX laptop with GTX 770M graphics card does not carry Optimus technology, thankfully. The only unrelated downside to the laptop is that the Intel HD chipset is disabled by hardware, and you can't switch over to it when you prefer low power profile. Also, I just wanted to say that any adapter you do get, besides being active and dual link, should preferably be 1.1a standards compliant, which is the VESA version of mini-DP standard after Apple traded it away. My current adapter I have an issue with is version 1.1. Not sure if that's what is causing my issue, but I don't want to shell out the dough to test another adapter.

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