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 Post subject: iZ3D, Inc. Discontinues Operations
PostPosted: 01 Aug 2012, 16:19 
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iZ3D, Inc. Discontinues Operations
Over the last year iZ3D reorganized the company to better respond to changing 3D market conditions and to promote joined marketing with 3rd party 3D hardware providers.
However, despite diligent efforts to join forces with other 3D companies and despite initiating an Open Source project, iZ3D was unable to secure new relationships and new funding. Regretfully, because of lacking funds, iZ3D is no longer able to meet financial obligations. Therefore these financial realities force iZ3D, Inc to discontinue its operations on July 31, 2012.

Many thanks to our customers and partners for the support extended in the past.

The iZ3D website is still online, however you cannot buy anymore a license for the iZ3D driver, you can only download the trial version and use the anaglyph 3D output for free or 30 days trial for any of the other output modes. The official iZ3D forums are also available at the moment, but since the company already sized operations nobody from iZ3D will be moderating and monitoring them anymore. Also all forms of support and customer service are no longer available. You can however still discuss the iZ3D driver here on the 3D Vision Blog's forums... ;)

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 Post subject: Re: iZ3D, Inc. Discontinues Operations
PostPosted: 30 Sep 2012, 22:33 

12 Jan 2011, 00:02
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Sad, I thought it was going to work out for IZ3D due to the timing of the Rift(not the million they wanted but better then nothing). Im honestly surprised they didnt try to see what they could work out with Occulus Rift users / offer the software for a low price to the manufactors (ID?). Rift is actually looking to build its own software it seems (I have no clue, but people on MTBS seem to be building their own engines). Though tbh, I never really used IZ3D.

About to completely derail the subject(someone can pm me if they want instead of replying)
I have no idea whats going on with he Rift though so again, I may just be talking gibberish. Three people seem to be making their own engine. They(ID?) seem to be looking to make one. Dunno. Its completely unrelated I know but I really am confused by that situation. If it wasnt so up in the air of whats going on Id buy one)

 Post subject: Re: iZ3D, Inc. Discontinues Operations
PostPosted: 21 Dec 2012, 06:20 

19 Dec 2012, 18:47
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I kind of wished iZ3D just continued developing better versions of their monitor and worked to continually improve their driver. Instead they decided to branch out and it sadly did not work out for them. Also, they REALLY should have released their sorce code before going belly up so that the community could improve upon it. I actually have one of their monitors but it's on its last legs due to failing capacitors. Keeping it as a backup in case my new monitor suddenly fails.

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